Meta/Para Aramid Fiber Fire Resistant Anti Static Fabrics Manufacture

Aramid fire resistant fabrics performance´╝Ü

1.Permanent heat and flame retardant, anti-static
2.Permanent resistance to acids, alkalis and organic solvents
3.High strength, high abrasion resistance, high tear resistance
4.Will not fall or produce toxic gases when on fire
5.When burning, the fabric becomes thicker, which enhances tightness and low flammability
6.Aramid flame retardant fabric can be widely used in fire protection, military clothing, petroleum industry, power industry, natural gas industry, metallurgical industry, coal industry, aviation industry, shipbuilding industry, automobile and other industries.



Are you looking for a suitable flame retardant fabric? When choosing a fabric, you need to consider many aspects, such as flame resistance, tensile strength, tear strength, color fastness, shrinkage, pH, formaldehyde content, etc. At present, there are many choices of fabrics, which will cause many choices. Cotton is a natural fiber. Compared with synthetic or artificial polyester, the production cost is higher. By using cotton in combination with polyester fibers, it is possible for textile manufacturers to produce fabrics at reduced costs, and because CVC fabrics are cheap due to their polyester content. However, to choose the right fabric according to the required application environment, Aramid fire resistant fabrics are currently popular in the world where lightweight and durable composite materials increasingly replace traditional materials. Meta / para Aramid fiber FR fabrics are also known as a kind of Artificial organic polymers are made by spinning solid fibers in a liquid chemical mixture, have high strength and low density, and are woven through plain weave, twill weave, and satin weave. Products are mainly used in aerospace, body armor, construction, automobiles, sporting goods, etc. Aramid fire resistant fabrics are lightweight and high in strength, so flight suits are also a good application. Fabrics made from aramid threads are not only strong and abrasion resistant, but also difficult to catch fire and will not melt. In fact, when clothes made of aramid fibers are exposed to fire, the individual threads actually expand to close the air space between them, and they form carbonaceous carbon that is extremely difficult to ignite. The fit of the fabric on the skin is also a very important part of clothing selection. Clothing suitable for fire performance and fire safety personnel is usually personal because they prevent the accumulation of oxygen under the clothing. So this has great requirements for the comfort of the fabric, and it must be ensured that the wearing staff can be comfortable, absorb moisture and breathe. Some working environments are very hard and dangerous. Our responsibility is to protect the safety of workers’ lives, but we also value the experience. We welcome comments on the shortcomings of our products and try our best to fulfill customer needs.


We will pay close attention to the quality of the fabric. The basis of good clothing is the qualification of the fabric. We are also strict about the quality control of meta / para Aramid fiber FR fabrics. After passing the qualification, we will carry out the production of clothing. If you want clothing, we can also make it. We have inspections in every link. We have been working hard to provide flawless products. Comfortable work clothes will also make you happy at work. We have a special technical department to discuss the design and experience of clothes. The design of clothes may also affect the flammability of fr clothes. Long and loose clothes are easy to catch fire and burn faster, because more materials are exposed to the atmosphere than tight clothes, so how to properly design clothes to allow workers to wear freely without affecting work is what we have been pursuing. We have samples for you, whether it is fr clothing or fire resistant anti static fabrics , and we will put them into production after you pass the inspection samples. If you are not satisfied, we can adjust according to your needs, guarantee your quality problems, and let you have very Good experience. Providing flawless products and services is what we have been pursuing. I hope you can trust us and let us escort your safety.