Cotton Fire Resistant Work Fireproof Fabrics Manufacture Suppliers

– Strongest available fibers with ring-spun yarns and special FR nylon
– High tenacity, extend the usage of lifetime for 50%
– Stand 100 times washing
– Extreme softness and high fastness
– High sun light color fastness
– High tear and tensile strength
– Breathable Comfortable to wear, no pilling
– Soft touch , natural smell
– Eco-friendly and Oeko Tex-100 certified.
– Flexible delivery
– Suitable for protective shirt /pants  /coverall , mining workwear oil &gas industry workwear industry workwear


A set of high-quality work clothes requires high-quality fire resistant fabrics. The choice of fabrics requires many factors. Our cotton flame retardant fabrics have reached a professional level. We have been providing qualified high-quality fire proof fabric to countries around the world.Flame retardant fabrics can be used for a variety of purposes, such as industrial work clothes, firefighter uniforms, air force pilots, tents, hospital uniforms, camouflage uniforms, etc. to protect the wearer from fire and arcs. The function of the flame retardant fabric is not to burn, In order to sustain the burning or spreading flame when burning. Fire resistant clothing made of flame retardant fabrics reduces the possibility of fire or flame spread . Flame retardant clothing is provided with a thermal insulation layer to reduce the spread of flames, reduce post-combustion combustion, and free some time for people to escape from the combustion environment. It can protect the user’s safety for a limited time and increase the escape time. Flame retardant workwear has a section that introduces “fabric information”. You can see the composition of the fabric in detail. Fireproof fabrics are usually divided into treated or inherently flame retardant. The treated fabrics are mainly flame retardant after being treated with non-flammable chemicals. Therefore, pay attention to the washing of flame retardant fabrics, and wash professional work clothes. Some flame retardant fabrics have limited functions due to a variety of factors. Including industrial washing, non-compliance with the manufacturer’s washing requirements results in the loss of flame retardant. Our fabrics have undergone rigorous experiments and have strict requirements on color fastness and washing times. Choose xinke and choose trust.


What do you care most about the choice of fabrics? safety? standard? Our fire resistant fabrics are customized in strict accordance with the requirements of various countries, and according to the needs of customers to meet different standards. Fires will cause injuries and bring great accidents. We must pay attention, but if accidents happen, we must have various guarantees to reduce injuries. Flame retardant fabrics can help reduce the risk of small fires turning into large fires. Reduce harm.Fire proof fabrics include a chemical coating that produces non-combustible gases, which prevents fires and the spread of fire. It can also reduce toxic fumes. The death in a fire accident is more likely to be caused by inhaling smoke rather than the actual fire itself. A fire will generate a lot of smoke, lack of oxygen will also inhale toxic substances, and block the respiratory tract. It will cause harm to people. Hold your nostrils and simply filter some imp urities. Although fire resistant fabrics can prevent the fire from spreading quickly, people wearing flame-resistant clothing may still suffer burns near the point of fire. It cannot completely avoid injuries. The advantage of FR clothing is that the fire will not easily spread from the ignition point shortly after the wearer leaves the source of fire, but this flame retardant fabric will automatically extinguish, reducing injuries and flame retardant fabrics. Helps limit the extent and area of burns. Workers may want to wear T-shirts or panties made of FR fabric under their outer clothing to increase protection and work safely.