CVC Cotton Polyester Fireproof Fabric Suppliers For Industry Worker Clothing

1.EN 15797 – industrial washing
2.Excellent appearance and durability
3.EN 20471 – High Visibility
4.Superior protective characteristics.
5.Tear strength in Warp: ≥25N
6.Tear strength in Weft : ≥25N
7.Dimensional change : ≤±3%
8.PH value: 3.5-9.5
9.Color: red /orange/navy /blue, or customize
10.Frduratex™ meets the industrial washing standards and Flammability durable in lifetime of the fabrics.



Cotton polyester fireproof fabric refers to a fabric made of cotton and polyester. Cotton is a naturally derived fabric. When it is used in combination with synthetic fibers (such as polyester), the fabric is called CVC. Generally, the cotton content exceeds 50% of the total content with polyester. CVC fabrics can be made from 55% or 80% cotton and the remaining percentages represent the amount of polyester used. You can choose the proportion of fabric according to your flame retardant workwear needs. If TC fabric is required, we can also customize it according to customer requirements. The proportion of polyester is greater than that of cotton. This is mainly a component required for reflective vests. Although cotton is often preferred for comfort,textile manufacturing companies often use polyester in combination with cotton for a variety of reasons. One reason for this is to make clothes more durable. Cotton itself is considered very soft and easily deforms and shrinks. Cotton polyester fireproof fabric has good elasticity and recovery properties, moisture absorption and rich colors, washable, flame retardant, non-melting, non-flammable, non-toxic, and excellent tear resistance. It is a good choice for flame retardant workwear and is very popular in the European market. CVC flame retardant fabrics are widely used in petroleum, chemical, natural gas, natural gas, electric power, electronics, transportation, storage, optoelectronics, information and communications, computers, office automation, high-altitude operations and other fields where flammable and explosive dangers occur. CVC fr fabric suppliers are cheaper to produce, so this is why many work clothes and school uniforms are best made with cotton polyester fireproof fabric. Everyday use and washing will put too much pressure on the fabric, so durable work clothes are sought after by many people. For example, a cotton shirt made of 100% cotton may be very cool to the skin and provide great comfort, but after repeated use and washing, the shirt is easily deformed and shrinks more easily. By combining polyester fibers with cotton fabrics, garments will become more durable and less likely to deform and shrink. Of course, there are many choices of fabrics. It is best to choose fabrics that are durable and comfortable for your working environment.


Xinke Protective is a global supplier for advanced flame retardant fabrics and personal protective workwear, and a member of Chinese professional garments industry association. Xinke Protective, equipped with the latest modern facilities in the laboratory, provides a strong focus on innovation and quality assurance. The Laboratory performs continuous tests and follows strict test procedures to conduct ISO and NFPA standard tests to assure the quality of every production. Xinke Protective follows strict manufacturing process at all stages, and is certified by ISO 9001, ISO14001, SA8000 and WRAP. Xinke Protective have been exported to Europe, America, Asia with container quantity every month with good market feedback. The mainly market is Europe, America, Australia and high level market in Asia. Xinke Protective has invested in five fabric factories in China to conduct vertical operations on yarn, weaving, dyeing and finishing. At the same time, Xinke Protective has reached long-term cooperation agreements with several fabric factories to achieve a monthly output of 800,000 meters of functional cotton polyester fireproof  fabrics.We have an experienced fabric research and development team, and the cooperating factories make process adjustments and quality production according to the methods and specifications of the research and development team, which ensures the product quality and customer delivery to the greatest extent. Xinke Protective has its own testing center, equipped with European and American synchronous testing equipment. The quality control of cotton polyester fireproof fabric process includes spinning, weaving, dyeing, and flame-retardant finished products. The company’s self-inspection and third-party authoritative testing have double-guaranteed excellent quality.The  produced by Xinke Protective adopt advanced production technology. They are soft to the touch, full in color, and can be washed more frequently than European and American standards. Tested by many authoritative agencies such as BTTG, SGS, ARCWEAR, KINECTRICS, BV, ITS, etc., the product can pass a number of EU testing standards such as EN11611, EN11612, EN61482, EN20471, EN1149 and GOST, DIN, NFPA21112, NFPA70E, ASTM D 1506, ANSI107 and other national testing standards. It can ensure the high breathability of clothing, and keep the wearer at a comfortable temperature at any time. It is mostly used in cotton clothes, jumpsuits, jackets, uniforms and other clothing. On the basis of this product, it can also add a variety of other functions such as oil and water resistance, acid and alkali resistance, UV resistance, bacteria resistance, and mosquito resistance.