Filter KN 95 Face Mask Dust Proof Protection Mask China Stock

Body Inner and outer layer : 22 GSM SBPP non woven materials
Center Layer : 20 GSM meltblown filter media
Length : 180 mm +/- 3mm
Width : 90 mm +/- 3mm
Colour : White/Blue/Black
center Material : Steel wire coated by PVC
Length : 105 mm +/- 5mm
Particle filtration efficiency : min. 98%
Skin irritation : Negative Particles (>0.3 Micron) :
< 100 each (Dry Flex Test)

KN 95 Face Mask Introduction

KN 95 Face Mask is hygienic and easy to use. Made of high quality materials, safe, soft and comfortable. 95% filtration provides you with antibacterial and dust protection. Protect you from particles and pollution in the air. Elastic band and adjustable nose clip, suitable for different face shapes and sizes, very suitable for daily use and outdoor activities, anti-droplet transmission, anti-pollution, dustproof, antibacterial, anti-PM2.5, filtered PM2.5 in air, virus , Bacteria, bacteria and harmful substances, protect your health! At present, the virus in China is under control, so many factories can resume work. The output of Protection Mask has also increased. The demand for masks in China has been greatly reduced compared to foreign countries.At present, protective clothing-gowns, masks, gloves, and N95 masks are all in high demand. There are many countries in demand, and the cost has greatly increased, so the price will increase. For this, you can rest assured that our masks are reasonable. The price is for sale, and there are currently stocks that can be shipped within three days. The certificate guarantees the quality and can be purchased with confidence.

Difference Between KN95 and N95 Protection Mask?

KN95 masks follow Chinese standards, and N95 masks follow US standards. Both of them are effective in protecting non-oily particles from not less than 95%. KN95 / N95 masks with the "Medical" logo can be used for front-line protection during the epidemic prevention period for medical personnel. Masks without the "Medical" logo are not recommended for medical personnel and can be used by ordinary people. The most protective function of KN95 and N95 protective masks is the filter layer. This filter layer uses polypropylene meltblown microfiber electret material. The outer surface of the mask has not been treated with hydrophobic treatment. Contact with water and alcohol during application will destroy the material Structure, greatly reducing the filtering effect. What's more, the blood often contains bacteria and viruses, and the application of the hospital determines that medical personnel are most likely to be exposed to the patient's blood environment. Therefore, hydrophobic treatment on the surface of medical masks is essential. However, the probability of ordinary people encountering alcohol and blood is not high. As long as the masks are changed regularly, it will not hurt the outside without this treatment. KN95 is the industry standard, which means that the mask provides the expected efficacy, filtering 95% of particles with a median mass diameter of 0.3 microns. Therefore, our masks protect you well from PM10, PM2.5 and even smaller particles.

However, the filter KN 95 face mask should be replaced in time when:

1. When the respiratory impedance is significantly increased; 2. When the mask is damaged or damaged; 3. When the mask cannot be tightly attached to the face; 4. The protective mask is contaminated (such as when stained with foreign matter such as blood stains or droplets); 5. Has been used in individual wards or patients (because the mask has been contaminated); 6. If it is a mask containing activated carbon, if there is an odor in the mask.

In addition, there are several points to note when wearing a protection mask:

1. Wash your hands before wearing a mask, or avoid touching your face with the inside of the mask during wearing the mask to reduce the possibility of the mask being contaminated. 2. Make a clear distinction between the inside and outside of the mask, the top and bottom, the light-colored surface is inside, should be close to the mouth and nose, and the dark-colored side is facing outward; the end of the metal strip is above the mask. 3. Never squeeze the masks by hand, including N95 masks, you can only isolate the virus on the surface of the mask. If you squeeze the masks with your hands, the virus will wet the mask with the droplets, there is still a chance to infect the virus. 4. Make sure that the mask is in good contact with the face. The simple test method is: after putting on the mask, exhale hard, and air cannot leak out from the edge of the mask.