100% Cotton Flame Retardant Safety Ultima Coverall Blue Wear Rough Workwear

Material:100% cotton
Standard:EN ISO 11612
Function:Flame retardant
MOQ:1000 pieces per color
Delivery time:40 to 50 days after confirming the Pre-production Samples
1. Details description:

(1).Two breast pockets with snaps.
(2).One ruler pocket on left sleeve.
(3).Front zipper with snaps.
(4).FR reflective tape 2 inch on sleeve and shoulder.
(5).Snaps at sleeve.
(6).With action back.
2. Product Description:

When you work in those dangerous environment,for example:oil field,petro chemical industry,gas station and fire fighting,etc .workers stay in flammable and explosive environment longstanding, however the most serious burning is from clothing flaming.so,blue wear rough workwear is necessary for our safty life.our company ultima coverall workwear consists of 100% cotton or 99% cotton,1% Anti-static,which is to decrease damages from burning clothing maximum. blue wear rough workwear is designed to celebrate the promotion of our stores, with low prices, fast delivery, and quality assurance. Of course, if you are looking for other styles of safety workwear, you can also contact us, we provide customized production service.

3. What is the difference between flame resistant fabric and other fabric?:

Flame resistant clothing can inhibit the ignite prevent the spread of flames,keep away from the impact of high heat,and can do almost immediately self-extinguishing after move away fire source.for example:blue wear rough workwear,You can clearly see the blue wear rough workwear before and after the fire, it will not melt into a ball drops of fire, so which can protect your skin, you can quickly take off clothes without touching the skin.

The other fabrics will be fired since the ignition point,flame spread quickly,and it is still on fire after move away the fire source, until it has been put out or flammable material is burned.

4. Application:

blue wear rough workwear we produce are all certified. If you need flame retardant fabric to meet certain FR standard, we can provide you relative FR certificate, and make sure the specific code which you received is valid. Sometimes, certified corresponding fabric may not be exactly what you need, but most important is the connection between us, and you trust us.

Xinke Protective starts to produce advanced flame retardant fabrics for personal protection and workwear since 1998, which is the premier producer of safety fabrics in China. With many years of extensive experience and dedicated textile technicians, Xinke Protective provides a total range of protective products with a strong focus on innovation and quality assurance.

The blue wear rough workwear are widely used in industrial , International oil & gas markets, welding, electrical ulitilies, mining and many other industrial safety applications. Today, Xinke Protective has well established the network of local sales office and representatives, which provide the a superior range of ecological and comfortable FR Fabrics to the world.

5. Inquiry: