100% Cotton Safety Flame Retardant Electrician Coverall With Reflective Tape

Composition: 100%Cotton
weight: 220g/m²
Standard: EN11612, IEC61482-1-2
1. 2.5cm FR reflective tape on sleeves & legs
2. FR thread
3. Brass zipper on placket front
4. 2 chest pockets with flap & 1 leg pocket with flap
5. 2 hand pocket & 2 back pockets
6. 1 sleeve pocket
7. Adjustable waistband and cuffs



There are many FR coveralls available on the market today, more and more options will let you choose which company do not know, they all provide good FR protection in many work environments. Choose your or your company’s vital Safety Flame Retardant Coveralls, while the workers have to work hard to wear safe and comfortable clothing. Select breathable cotton coverall with reflective tape to consider the safety performance, cost, comfort, appearance, color choices and life, each company should be selected that best meets their overall needs. We had a very regular clothes, a number of color options, elastic waist size can be adjusted, as well as placing portable pocket tools, arms and legs reflective strip allows you to be found to reduce the risk in a dark place. 100% cotton flame retardant coverall also personal protective equipment body in one of the more widespread application of varieties, it is mainly to protect workers from fire or heat damage. Our company adopt advanced flame retardant cotton fabric production, moisture wicking, breathable, wear for four seasons. You are working in what field? Need clothes? Undecided whether to choose clothes, you can not find suitable? We will help you solve the problem of this series with professional knowledge and friendly service to solve your doubts about you.










The 100% cotton flame retardant coverall is customized according to the employer’s assessment of the hazards in the workplace, and the breathable cotton Safety flame retardant coverall with reflective tape tailored to the specific work area are customized according to the location. Protective clothing used as clothing for normal work activities must be comfortable in appearance and durable for both employers and wearers to accept. Whether it is a power contractor, power company, chemical, petroleum, natural gas and petrochemical industries and other working environments that require flame retardant, antistatic, waterproof and oil resistant, chemical resistant workwear, we can customize it for you. The looser the FR cotton Safety coverall with reflective tape, the more thermal protection the garment system will provide. Air is a very effective insulator. Therefore, maintaining an air gap between clothing and skin will improve thermal protection. Most flame retardant products will have the same or less shrinkage as standard workwear and should be sized accordingly. These multi-purpose garments must be resistant to washing away dirt and flammable contaminants, and not be excessively restored to fade, fluff / pilling or excessive shrinkage. Our laboratory purchased foreign washing machines to wash the work clothes. The repeated tests of color fastness and flame retardant after washing several times reached the standard.

Can non-flammable clothing be worn at work? It is not recommended to wear non flame retardant coverall in the presence of a dangerous fire source, because clothing will ignite when it is exposed to fire, causing harm to the human body, non-flammable fabrics and clothing will burn quickly, and may cause secondary injuries. The fabric of cotton flame retardant coverall can resist fire, prevent the flame from spreading in the direct area of high thermal shock, and self-extinguish the ignition source almost immediately after removal. Safety Flame Retardant Coveralls do not provide significant protection in areas where direct contact with the skin has a source of burn ignition. However, flame retardant safety coverall does provide protection against clothing fires and continuous protection from flame spread. So buy flame retardant work clothes to keep your safety.