50+ UPF Insect Shield Repellent Flame Resistant Coverall Clothing

1. Button closed in the front
2. Two chest pocket with flap
3. All Twin Needle Stitching
4. 5cm Normal reflective tape
5. Two chest pocket closed with flap
6. Concealed heavy-duty two way brass zipper
7. Two side and back pocket
8. Elasticated at the waist
9.50+ UPF rated fabric to block 98% of UV rays




This insect repellent flame resistant coverall clothing be made of 100% cotton 185gsm fabric ,it is comfortable to wear. The flame resistant coverall is anti insect and UV,it is necessary for workers in outdoors.You can’t avoid some mosquito bites when working outdoors, especially in the forest,so wear Anti-UV insect repellent clothing protect your safety work in mosquito environment.This ultra-light bodysuit is designed to provide protection against various insects. Although it cannot completely eliminate mosquitoes, it can provide some protection. It can be combined with some chemical sprays to more comprehensively eliminate mosquitoes. Insect repellent formula is closely combined with fiber to provide effective odorless protection.The harm of mosquitoes will also affect people’s health, and sometimes bring the danger of viruses. Especially in Australia, mosquito and ultraviolet protection is essential. Our Australian Anti-UV insect repellent clothing is very popular. We have been Efforts have been made to experiment, and some UV machines have been imported to conduct experiments. Sometimes, mosquito experiments are also conducted outdoors to check the insect repellent rate and strive to achieve a more perfect insect repellent effect to give customers the best experience.


The mosquito insect protection suit clothing also have flame retardant functional,for fire resistant fabric is necessary in forest .Every work surroundings all full dangerous factors,when we work should ensure personal security.FR insect repellent flame resistant coverall clothing are made from high-quality fabrics that are comfortable and durable, and are the most effective way to protect workers from harm. Now everyone’s basic configuration should have a set of flame retardant mosquito insect protection suit clothing. Although the up-front price of this clothing may be higher, the life of many flame retardant fabrics is much longer than the fabric used to make non flame retardant work clothes. Helps reduce frequent replacement costs. Wearing safe Anti-UV insect repellent clothing can also protect the safety of workers. If an accident occurs to the worker, it will cause great injuries. The cost of a single burn is usually in terms of medical expenses, loss of working time, worker compensation, increased insurance costs, etc. It will exceed the cost of the entire FR clothing plan, so it seems to be cost-effective. Washing according to the requirements of flame retardant clothing, the flame retardant function can be maintained longer. Mosquito repellent clothing can provide long-lasting, effective and convenient personal insect protection. Of course, you can use various insect repellents to spray on the exposed skin area. You can also apply anti-aerosol directly on the clothes. After several washing Must be repainted. But sometimes the insect repellent has a very strong odor, which makes people dislike it. Our flame-retardant Anti-UV insect repellent clothing does not have too much odor, and the formaldehyde content is also in the safe range,so you can buy it.