Cotton Welding Fire Resistant Workwear Industry Protective Clothing

The welding work machine shop is too hot, especially at the source of the flames and work. As a welding worker, it is very hard to face the danger. Working at high temperatures around metals and machines can cause burns, slag or sparks, which are very common hazards. Slag and sparks can stick to non-flammable or non-compliant clothing and burn in it, causing burns. This pain is painful, but it can be prevented with welding protective clothing. In the hot summer, it is even more challenging for workers, so comfortable, breathable and absorbent workwear welding clothing is very important, which can reduce a lot of stress for workers’ work. Establishing a PPE plan that meets all security requirements and meets your personal needs is not easy. In addition to important factors such as comfort, durability and washing, you also have to choose the right garment based on the unique hazards of the industry. However, without the proper implementation and training, even the best PPE procedures in the world will not work. These hazards in the work environment are only nominal hazards, but wearing the wrong type of protective clothing while welding or in a store can turn these hazards into serious injuries or even death. We must be aware of safety and choose the right welding jacket, pants, work clothes and various gloves to prevent the damage of metal sparks and slag, which will stick to clothing and cause burns. Xinke welding protective clothing has flame retardant protection, so any sparks, splashes or slag generated by the cutting torch, machine or metal will not ignite the protective clothing and cause burns. Prepare everything for protection to work better. Just like on the battlefield, we need weapons. There is an old saying in China that sharpening a knife does not cost you firewood. Only a sharp axe can work faster.


Our cotton welding protective clothing provides protection against flames, sparks and molten splashes. FR cotton is chemically treated to withstand high temperatures. It provides a breathable, lightweight leather alternative. The fabric remains flame retardant and can be washed up to 50 times. Welding clothing should be able to move freely. Mars always splashes on clothes inadvertently, so it should cover all areas of exposed skin and fully protect the skin. We recommend wearing long-sleeved shirts and pants that overlap the top of the boots to prevent sparks, and proper protective welding devices ensure your safety from the dangers that welders cope with every day. This cotton welding clothing has elasticity at the waist for easy wearing. It costs a lot of money to buy a piece of welding clothing, so we also need to take care of it. Do not use any kind of bleach or peroxide for washing. For example, the flame retardant is used for a certain number of times to avoid high temperature to reduce the impact of shrinkage. The workwear welding clothing is inverted and washed to maintain color and appearance. If it is damaged, remember to repair it with a fabric that matches the protection level of the original garment. If it is serious, you need to replace it with new fr welding clothing. If you need more information, please contact us immediately and we will do our best to answer your questions and provide you with the best service.