Custom-made Coverall/Long Sleeves Waterproof Oilproof Work Clothes

Material:100% cotton
Standard:GB 12799-91, EN 13034
Function:Flame retardant, Oil & Waterproof
MOQ:1000 pieces per color
Delivery time:40 to 50 days after confirming the Pre-production Samples
1. Feature:

(1). Breathable Comfortable to wear, no pilling
(2). Soft touch , naturall smell 
(3). Eco-friendly and Okeo Tex-100 certified.
(4). Flexible delivery 
2. Details description:

Waterproof oilproof work clothes is a kind of fire retardant fabric clothing.The coverall with pocket sides components are 88% cotton and 12% nylon fabric.High quality cotton, special nylon fiber .fireproof coverall hand feel softness and no harmful to human body, excellent flame retardant properties, High fastness, abrasion resistant, washable.

3. Garment Factory:

Cotton waterproof coverall are used in comprehensive range of long sleeve coverall for oil and gas, electrical, construction, shipyard,military and chemical industries etc.of course ,long sleeve coverall can protect you arms perfectly,which have variety of color and styles.A lot of pocket allows you to put some tools convenient in work.we also can design according to you require.

Waterproof long sleeve coverall, also known as flame-retardant labor protection clothing, coverall, flame-retardant work clothes, etc., is one of the most widely used varieties of personal body protection products. waterproof long sleeve coverall is mainly to adopt heat insulation, Shielding effect such as reflection, absorption, carbonization, etc. waterproof oilproof coverall protects workers from open flame or heat.Moisture wicking, good air permeability, suitable for summer wear, the fabric is intrinsically flame-retardant, high temperature resistance, outstanding thermal protection, and excellent wear resistance, anti-static, durable.

4. Application:

Fire is a dangerous thing and may be hurt more than you think. In order to control it at the right time to reduce its harm, people can do a lot of things, such as buying long sleeve coverall to fight for more time for you in front of the flames that come and help reduce fire damage. Just clothes are not enough. You also need a hard hat, gloves, etc. to protect your personal safety.

5. Inquiry:

The products used today for industrial protective coverall are designed by humans to reduce the risk of fire. A piece of coverall retains its fire resistance for weeks, months, and years, no matter how many times it is washed. The end user should be critical that these garments are resistant to the life of the garment. Flame retardant protection should not be washed off, worn or peeled off, and flame retardant protection, comfort, and value should be ensured each time it is removed from the garment. The most important fabric characteristics of fireproof clothing wearers are protection, comfort and overall value. These characteristics of endurance are of vital importance; in the end, the most important thing is whether clothing is flame-retardant in the life of clothing. It cannot only look good in a laboratory or trade show booth. It should have high-intensity protection in reality.