Fire Retardant Antistatic Workwear Coveralls For Industry

Size Range: 46-66

Composition: 99% Cotton 1% Antistatic satin

Weight: 350g/m²

Standard: Oekotex certificate EN11611, EN11612, EN1149, IEC61482-1-2

  • YKK zipper/ Brass button
  • 50mm offshore FR reflective tape on shoulder & sleeves& legs
  • 2 chest pockets with flap & 1 leg pocket with flap
  • 1 sleeve pocket with flap
  • 2 hand pockets & 2 back pockets
  • Back pleat
  • Adjustable waistband and cuffs


Fire retardant antistatic workwear’s fabric or quality is different, and its antistatic ability is different. You need to choose the appropriate antistatic clothing according to the area’s electrostatic sensitivity. For places with high requirements for antistatic performance, it is necessary to choose antistatic clothing with strong antistatic performance. Antistatic workwear for industry is one of the most widely used varieties of protective products. The principle of flame retardant clothing protection is to take the shielding effect of heat insulation, reflection, absorption, carbonization isolation, etc. Fire retardant workwear coveralls protects workers from open flames or heat sources. Flame retardant clothing uses convenient, durable and safe insulated buttons. The upper body has a safe and convenient built-in pocket, and the cuffs are equipped with adjustable buttons. The style is generally three-tight: tight cuffs, neckline, trousers, and obvious reflective stripes so that you can be found in the dark. Antistatic workwear for industry provides great safety assistance for workers, but it is not harmless at all. Sometimes people think that because they wear FR clothing, they are completely protected from harm, but no one clothing provides 100% safety. Even FR fabrics can still catch fire and burn at the point of fire. Although they can be flame retardant, they are still dangerous in the event of a large fire. Therefore, workers should protect themselves and the company should do some safety training. Whether it is a power contractor, power company, chemical, petroleum, natural gas and petrochemical industries and other working environments that require flame retardant, antistatic, water and oil resistant, and chemical resistant workwear, we can customize it for you.

We areannounce the launch of Fire retardant antistatic workwear, our safety product line designed for hard-working professionals. For more than 20 years, Xinke has provided its customers with the highest quality products and services, providing value and performance. Meet or exceed the fire retardant workwear coveralls of well-known brands in the industry. After all, protecting your workers from harmful workplace injuries is crucial, so buying the right work clothes is vital, and it’s our responsibility to produce qualified fire retardant workwear coveralls. Antistatic workwear for industry fabric is a kind of excellent performance with super high strength, high temperature resistance, light weight, insulation, anti-aging, long life cycle and so on. The charge of cotton fabrics is even higher than some chemical fiber fabrics, so in dry climates, you need our anti-static work clothes at this time to escort you!  Anti-static work clothes are necessary in flammable and explosive places Wear protective clothing. Anti-static fabric is made of anti-static fiber and cotton, polyester-cotton fiber blend, the charge density is less than 7, strong durability, safety and reliability. In order to effectively prevent the electrostatic discharge hazard of human body static electricity, the operator must wear antistatic work clothes. In order to better control the antistatic, it is necessary to wear antistatic shoes. Xinke protective is a Chinese manufacturer specializing in the production of work clothes. It has more than 20 years of production experience in the field of Fire retardant antistatic workwear clothing. It has been sold worldwide with a reliable reputation, and it has always been strong. It can provide you with high quality. Products and good service.