Flame Resistant FR High Visibility Work Coverall

The reason why you wear overalls at work is simple: for the protection of the workers. Do you wear overalls at work? Do you have workwear that protects you? Have you made a choice of workwear to suit your working environment? If so, then you can work with peace of mind while you are at work; if not, then make sure you choose workwear that suits you.

The Flame Resistant FR High Visibility Work Coverall is one of our classic coveralls that is flame resistant and partially anti-static. Whether you work in the oilfield or in the gas industry it is perfect for you. Here are some details of the garment.
These flame retardant coveralls have a reversible collar and reflective stripes on the shoulders, arms, and ankles. Two chest pockets with zips allow the worker to carry the necessary items. There are two hip pockets for carrying tools and other items. The waist is elasticated to allow for a better fit and to make the garment more comfortable for the worker. If you have your own ideas, let us know and we can customize the garment just for you. We want to be able to provide every worker who works outside with workwear that will keep them safe and in a better condition to go to work. If you need safety coverall you can contact us and we can recommend the best workwear for you. The whole point of workwear is to provide peace of mind, even in the event of an accident, and to minimize the risk of damage. These one-piece coveralls are available in a range of colors to choose from. You can choose the color and style you like according to your hunger preferences.
Xinke protective is committed to the safety of every worker. We have not only flame-resistant coveralls but also other functional workwear. You can rest assured about the quality of the clothing. We have more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing, as well as a number of experienced testing manuals and researchers. A professional sales team provides you with comprehensive services. Welcome to choose us, choose Xinke.