FR Coverall for Oil and Gas with Reflective Tape

(1).Perfect UPF protective characteristics 
(2).Excellent shrinkage under industry washing cycles.
(3).High sun light color fastness
(4).High tear and tensile strength
(5).Breathable Comfortable to wear, no pilling
(6).Soft touch , naturall smell 
(7).Eco-friendly and Okeo Tex-100 certified.
(8).Flexible delivery 
(9).Suitable for protective shirt /pants  /coverall , mining workwear oil &gas industry workwear industry workwear
(10).Size:XS S M L XL XXL XXXL or as custom requests
1. Feature:

Coverall suit have breathable and hand feel softness, no harmful to body and easy to wash,Excellent color fastness, high strength to ensure durability Low formaldehyde content, environmental protection and safety of fabric.Standard:EN ISO 11611,EN ISO 11612,IEC 61482-1-2.Color:red,orange,nave,royal etc or customized.

2. Details description:

3. Garment Factory:

Oil and gas with reflective tape workwear is according to the oil and gas the strength of the ultraviolet light made for oil resistant clothes workers labor insurance supplies or safety oil resistant clothes, which are generally long sleeves, square collar, should look. Some have protective performance, such as wear resistance, heat insulation and fireproof performance.

Workers are usually in high temperature, slag splash, high radiation conditions such as homework, if you don’t wear protective coverall, it is easy to cause damage to the body。so,Oil fr resistant clothes is a kind of fire retardant fabric clothing.Oil fr resistant clothes main fabric components are 88% cotton and 12% nylon.which can give worker the most comprehensive protection.

As a functional fabric and cloth supplier,we devote to supply most suitable Oil fr resistant clothes for,when you work as a Oil workers,don’t be afraid,we will offer you best Oil fr resistant clothes to protect you life safely.Sometimes work potential means dangerous,so,you really really need a suit of safety Oil fr resistant clothes to protect you,make you have a comfortable and safe work environment.

Xinke Protective has registered it's own brands ---FRECOTEX®, FRARCTEX®, FRDURATEX® at Europe& America market in 2009 and gained market share there. Also obtained CE、UL、Oeko-tex certification, and passed ISO9000、ISO8000、ISO14000 WARP etc system certification. And 2014 year, past the strictest UL (as America market green passport).

4.Testing Room:

Xinke Protective is not only a professional safety welding suits manufacturer, also has a strong R & D team, in 2009 developed a new environmentally friendly flame retardant finishing technology ----- FRECOTEXR, this technology is not registered a trademark . Officially listed in 2012 received recognition and appreciation from the global high-end customers. FRECOTEXR is made from the most innovative and advanced flame retardant chemicals for optimum protection while meeting the most stringent environmental standards. FRECOTEXR combines the environmental protection and wearing comfort of personal protection products.

Correct use of flame retardant clothing:
(1). It is forbidden to change clothing in areas with open fire, scattered cremation, near molten metal, and inflammable and explosive materials.
(2). It is forbidden to attach or wear any fusible and inflammable articles on the fire retardant clothing.
(3). wear flame retardant clothing, must wear appropriate protective equipment to fully achieve technical results.
(4). The clothes should not be placed together with corrosive articles. The storage area should be dry and ventilated. It should be 200cm above the ground to prevent the rats from biting, galling, and mildew. (5). Do not damage the package during transportation to prevent sun and rain.
5. Inquiry: