FR Safety Oil And Gas Resistant Protective Coveralls Clothing


Oil Resistant Coveralls Features/Description :

1.Dual hazard protection.
2.Protects against radiant, convective and contact heat.
3.Certified protection against molten metal splash.
4.Guaranteed flame resistance for life of garment.
5.Comfortable, lightweight fabric.
6.Highly durable, flame resistant reflective tape.
7.Pockets: 2 front, 2 side, 2 rear, 2 knee, 1 sleeve, 1 rule.
8.Full front, top quality brass zippe.




The work area will be more or less dangerous, so no matter what the workplace, you need to be equipped with safety work clothes to protect the lives of workers. I don’t know what kind of work clothes you need to work in. Customized functional flame retardant clothing. we serve all workers who find themselves in some of the most demanding jobs in the country. Our offer for oil & gas workers is the kind of cold or worm weather clothing.We are professional in safety clothing.when you hear someone hurt in the work , you maybe fell pity, we devote to produce more safety work clothes to protect more workers life.we offer this oil and gas coveralls is comfortable and waterproof and windproof clothing design. Highly breathable textile, costume design gives you freedom, When workers wear oil and gas clothing, they are more protected, which improves safety. Keep comfort in mind when choosing safety. This involves the benefits of increased safety, productivity and worker acceptance. The reason for wearing flame-resistant clothing is the presence of flames and dust, and sometimes static electricity, which is one of the biggest and most dangerous hazards faced by workers in the oil and gas industry. Not all flame retardant clothing is certified to prevent flash fire, which means that oil and gas workers need special types of FR clothing to prevent this danger. The service life of flame retardant clothing depends on the type of fabric used and the quality of the clothing structure. Some types of flame retardant clothing can be used for more than five years, while other types of clothing can be used for 9-18 months. Work clothes should be replaced when they cannot be repaired, holes are found, or flame retardant properties are unacceptable. Flame retardant oil resistant coveralls are a necessity for many workers in the railway, paint, pharmaceutical, combustible dust, petrochemical, construction, electrical and utility industries. In addition to flash protection, workers in the oil and gas industry face dangers including thermal stress, low visibility and rain or other weather-related issues, so a reflective band is also essential and it can keep you in the dark Easily found in the weather. Xinke protective offers oil and gas flame retardant clothing options that meet all hazards, conditions and standards, as well as personal worker preferences, and look forward to working with you.


In the oil and gas industry, workers face harsh conditions and serious hazards, while in other industries the hazards are much less. Part of the work environment like exposure to dangerous fires, explosions, electric arcs or hazardous chemicals. Hazardous performance is great, working conditions are harsh and there are many differences in climate and so on. However, all workers in the oil and gas industry have one thing in common, and they must prepare for the worst. Therefore, it is necessary to have a set of suitable flame retardant oil and gas coveralls. Comfort is important. Choosing more comfortable FR oil and gas clothing can help oil and gas companies reduce the costs and work pressure caused by heat-related diseases. Productivity has fallen due to worker discomfort. The combination of different fabrics with FR garments also provides breathability, reduces thermal stress, and the ability to effectively absorb moisture. The looser the FR garment, the more thermal protection the garment system will provide. Air is a very effective insulator. Therefore, maintaining an air gap between clothing and skin will improve thermal protection. Flashes can occur with gasoline or oil. When exposed to a flash fire event, flame retardant and flash fire protective clothing will not catch fire, melt or drip, and cause no potential burns. When working conditions or occupations risk fire and burning, consider and choose clothing that should be flame retardant.