High Temperature Aramid Forest Fire Protective Work Clothing Supplier

Composition: Aramid IIIA, 93%meta-aramid5%para-aramid2%anti-static

Weight: 150g/m²

Standard: EN11611, EN11612, EN1149-5, IEC61482-1-2, NFPA 2112


  1. 1.2.5cm FR reflective tape on shoulders & sleeves & legs
  2. Aramid thread
  3. FR Brass zipper on placket front
  4. 2 chest pockets with flap & 1 leg pocket with flap
  5. 2 hand pocket & 2 back pockets
  6. 1 sleeve pocket
  7. Adjustable waistband and cuffs


Forest fire prevention has always been a work we attach great importance to. After a forest fire, it will spread and expand freely in the forest land, causing certain harm and loss to the forest, forest ecosystems and human beings. Fire accidents happen from time to time, which can also bring life-threatening and even hurt lives. Therefore, it is necessary to equip a full set of fire-fighting equipment. Protecting the lives of firefighters can better protect the world. Forest fire protection clothing is used for forest fires, or when forest property encounters a large fire field, protective clothing to be worn when carrying out fire fighting and rescue, and other equipment such as fire extinguishing rods and wind extinguishers can be equipped for fire fighting and rescue. firefighters fire protective clothing uses comfortable cotton Aramid flame retardant fabric, the fabric meets European standard export standards, and is flame retardant treated, with good results. Forest fire protective clothing with forest fire protection signs and eye-catching luminous bands to ensure that fire fighters can be used at night. The visibility is well known. The high temperature protective clothing top adopts a copper buckle design, which is convenient to put on and take off, saving time. The shoulders are double-layered, so that players can increase the protection of the shoulders when carrying tools and equipment. It can be filled with thermal insulation materials to reduce heat conduction. Hooks and buckles are used to facilitate the connection and release. The buckles and hooks are not flammable and not easily melted. The key parts are overseamed and stitched twice. The trouser legs have enough overlapping knees and other parts. Enhances firmness. Flame retardant and high temperature resistance are important protective indicators of fire protection clothing. Aramid, as a high performance fiber with inherent flame retardant properties, has unmatched high temperature and flame retardant characteristics of traditional fibers. It is difficult to burn in air and has good protection. Its strength is several times that of ordinary fiber, and it has always been the material of choice for fire protection clothing.

Aramid firefighters fire protective clothing improves the health and comfort of wearing, and gives clothing more comprehensive comprehensive protective properties such as flame resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance and tear resistance. In the past, fire protection clothing often had various disadvantages in use, such as: easy to be torn and broken, washed several times and severely unable to be worn again, clothing was hard and uncomfortable to wear, the smell of medicine in the flame retardant treatment agent was smoky, and high formaldehyde Not good for the body. We have solved these problems long ago, and made fireproof clothing in accordance with international standards. These problems will no longer exist. However, the fire protection clothing must be well maintained and washed in accordance with the regulations. Because the flame retardant is a certain number of times, it should be cherished. After each use, check the condition of the fireproof clothing, and focus on whether there is any wear. If you want to remove the residual dirt on the fireproof clothing, use tap water and neutral soap, and if necessary, use detergent. Be careful with contaminated areas, as detergent may damage the surface of your clothes. If the surface of the fire protective clothing shows a small area without serious burn marks or abrasion, it can be repaired. If the exterior of the fire protective clothing is damaged, the fire protective clothing should be replaced. We know about fires, we know you need tools you can trust and rely on, and with reliable fire-fighting equipment, you can effectively extinguish fires, maintain protection and minimize injuries.