Highly Visible Functional Flame Retardant  Coverall

Fluorescence: 85%polyester15%cotton 300gsm
Contrast: 65%polyester35%cotton 300gsm
Coveralls with two thigh pocket
Two back pockets
Two chest pockets with zipper and mobile pocket
Zipper with flap in front.
Elastic band around waist.
Reflex on waist and legs,sleeves.
EN 20471 class3


What kind of workwear coverall do you need? Do you know both ordinary workwear and functional workwear? We have ordinary class workwear and flame retardant and anti-static workwear here, the difference between them is the kind of occasion you are working in, simply put, the nature of your work. What kind of workwear is suitable for you? Although the choice is up to you, you need to be careful when choosing. Here’s the difference between general class workwear and functional workwear.

First of all, I believe that we have seen and understood the common type of workwear. For example, the work clothes worn by sanitation workers belong to the general category of work clothes, which have no complicated processing and are not much different from the casual clothes we usually wear, the only difference is that they are fluorescent colored, because their workplace is on the road and other places, wearing fluorescent colored work clothes can play a warning role for them and can avoid accidents. Of course, fluorescent colored work clothes are not just ordinary work clothes, it also has other functional work clothes, such as anti-static, flame retardant, waterproof and oil-proof, if you work in the road work or construction industry you can choose such high visibility coveralls. For example, when working in rainy weather, this weather is generally dim, in order to prevent others from seeing you, this time the choice of clothing need to add reflective tape, reflective strip in the dim weather by light reflection will glow, easy to locate.

The next is functional clothing, for functional clothing I want to introduce is flame retardant clothing, this type of clothing is our main workwear products, such as this jumpsuit I want to recommend today, it has a high quality flame retardant effect, can meet the protection needs of working in the petrochemical industry. This Highly Visible Functional Flame Retardant  Coverall is designed to be simple and convenient, it has two side slit pockets and back pockets, as well as two chest pockets with zippers, one of which is a cell phone pocket, the front placket is zippered for easy on and off, and the back waist is an elastic waist that fits the body well. The waist, legs and arms have reflective bands, in short this costume will be a good choice for you. Strictly choose your work clothes and put safety first.