Hot sale flame frc safety work fireproof clothing wholesale

Fabric: 100%cotton fire resistant knitted fabric
Color: Royal blue,grey, khaki, red, orange or customized
Function: Fire resistant
Weight:220 gsm, 280gsm
Size: XS S M L XL XXL XXXL or according to customers’ requirements
Standard: EN 11611, EN 11612, NFPA 2112, GB 8965 1-2009, JISL 1091, 16CFR 1615, 16CFR 1616
Sample time: within 7 days according to design requirements
Production time: 30 days after sample confirmed
Production capacity: 30000-50000 pcs
1. Performance:

(1).High quality cotton.
(2).Soft and breathable.
(3).Good elasticity and extensibility.
(4).Durable fire-retardant performance.more than 50 times washing.

2. Design Details:

Knitted fabrics are fabrics made by stitching each other through a loop, which is one of the major varieties of fabrics. Knitted fabrics have good elasticity, moisture absorption, breathability, comfort and warmth, and the raw materials are mainly natural fibers such as cotton, linen and silk, which have been loved deeply by people since they were launched. The safety work fireproof clothing are added flame retardant, which has been a knitted flame resistant clothing. And this fireproof clothing is selling well because of its excellent attributes.

The fireproof clothing manufactured by Xinke Protective is made of 100% high quality cotton, knitted fabric. The soft hand feeling and breathable knitted fireproof clothing has good elasticity and extensibility, which makes even obese people feel comfortable to wear it. This kind of fireproof clothing can be applied in the fields of gas&oil, fire protection, aviation and so on. And the fireproof clothing manufactured by Xinke Protective can be regarded as safety clothing wholesale sale of safety clothing, vendors can purchase a large amount of fireproof safety clothing with the most reasonable price from Xinke Protective.

3. International Certification:

The knitted fireproof clothing has got the standards of EN 11611, EN 11612, NFPA 2112, GB 8965 1-2009, JISL 1091, 16CFR 1615, 16CFR 1616. Xinke protective has acquired series of products approved international certifications, which can ensure the quality problem that the customers pay attention most.

4. Testing Room:

Xinke Protective has established a modern textile laboratory, which performing products tests of every production lot before shipments. Testing is a key issue in Xinke Protective, because which concern about the quality control of products, and quality is the life of a company. The clothing safety is always an eternal issue in the development of Xinke Protective. As an excellent safety clothing wholesale supplier, we have the responsibility to ensure your safety.

5. Inquiry:

Today, Xinke protective has well established the network of local sales office and representatives, which provide a superior range of ecological and comfort FR fabrics and clothing to the world. No matter which country you are in, if you are interested in our products or technology, please contact us. We will definitely give you a satisfactory answer with our strength.