Multi-Pocket Men’s Offshore Fire Retardant Work Coveralls


Standard: Oekotex certificate
EN11611, EN11612, EN1149, IEC61482-1-2
Color: Orange, Red, Navy, Royal Blue
YKK zipper/ Plastic snap button YKK
50mm offshore FR reflective tape on shoulder & sleeves & legs
2 chest pockets with flap & 2 leg pocket
1 sleeve pocket with flap
2 hand pockets & 2 back pockets
Back pleat
Adjustable waistband and cuffs



Multi-pocket men’s offshore fire retardant work coveralls are made of 99% cotton 1% anti-static fabric . The advantage of cotton fabric is that it has good breath-ability and moisture permeability , and it is easy to sweat when working outdoors . If the clothes is not breathable , it will cause the consequences of low work efficiency of workers , and it is easy to affect workers , so choose a good hygroscopic Body-wear is very important to workers . In addition , the cotton work coveralls are soft and comfortable to meet the safety standards of the European standard EN11611 , EN11612 , EN1149 and other flame retardant protective clothing . Its heat resistance is also good , and it will only cause the evaporation of moisture on the fabric in a high temperature environment . It will not damage the fibers of the clothes . Wearing and washing at room temperature has no effect on the fabric , which also improves the performance of the fabric . Functional protective clothing is more protective than ordinary protective clothing and is more important to workers , especially those working in flammable and explosive industries . This fire retardant coverall also has anti-static and flame retardant properties . The flame retardancy of the jumpsuit does not mean that the clothes will not burn , it can only delay the spread of the fire from the clothes and reduce the damage to some extent . Flame retardancy is the self-extinguishing of the clothes in the shortest time when the clothes left the fire source , so that the workers can quickly take off the lighted clothes . Anti-static protective clothing can prevent deflagration caused by sparks , but cannot prevent and protect against deflagration .

This coverall can be used not only in construction , chemical , petroleum and other land industries , but also as offshore workwear . It is also suitable for workers working on the sea . Our company has advanced production equipment and professional production personnel , and has professional guidance and ideas for the production of clothing ; we have a professional technical team and inspection personnel , which strictly control the quality of clothing and our inspection of ready-made clothing The personnel will conduct multiple inspections , and we can guarantee that every piece of clothing is qualified and the quality is the best for the products that are shipped from the factory . Of course , there is no need to worry about the timeliness of delivery . We have our own production workshop , which can control the production of clothes without being affected by other factors . We also support OEM services . If you send us an email with your own requirements , professional business staff will answer and advise you .