Offshore Anti-Flame Work Coveralls With Reflective Tape

Size Range: 38-60
Composition: 99% Cotton 1% Anti-static, 280gsm
Weight: 280g/m2
Standard: Oekotex certificate
EN11611, EN11612,EN1149,IEC 61482-1-2 class 1,EN20471 CLASS 1
Color: Orange, Navy,red

1.5# metal zipper/ FR Velcro on the front
2.2 chest pockets with FR velcro
3.Adjustable waist with elastic on wasit
4.Aramid Hv yellow reflective tape
5.2 Side pockets
6.FR Rib on cuffs



There are many potential threats in certain industries, and these threats are very harmful to people. How do you avoid these dangers? Choose a work coveralls that is suitable for your industry to reduce the harm caused by the danger. Even if you think that the occupation you are engaged in is not dangerous, you should choose a protective suit to let your family feel at ease and give you peace of mind.So how do we choose? The choice of protective clothing depends on the stitching structure of the clothing. If the seam opening is very loose, this has no protective effect. It is necessary to choose a tight and dense seam interface, so that the protective clothing will be more secure and reliable. The protective clothing uses double needles Sewing, the stitches are dense and solid. Secondly, we have to look at the visibility of this protective clothing. Visibility is very important in a dangerous environment. It can accurately determine the position and direction of workers. Protective clothing with low visibility is not easy to quickly find the location of workers. If this protective visibility Very low, then choose coverall with reflective tape, the reflective strip can shine through the reflection of light or in a dark place.Then we have to look at the fabrics of protective clothing. It is very comfortable to choose comfortable and soft fabrics to wear on the body. However, due to the different types of work, we must choose functional protective clothing. Some fabrics with functionality will be a bit hard but they are strong. The fabric composition of this protective clothing includes 99% cotton and 1% anti-static, and the clothing weight is 280gsm, so the material of this offshore coveralls is still very comfortable, the weight is not very heavy, and it is very comfortable to wear. Finally, the most important thing is to choose different types or functions of protective clothing according to your type of work. In addition to the above, you can also choose your favorite work clothes according to your favorite colors.

Work coveralls are very important to everyone who works, it is more important to choose one that suits you. We supply all kinds of protective clothing, and the quality of our protective clothing has undergone various tests to ensure that all protective clothing meets international standards and national standards. Our prices are also very competitive in the market. Our aim is to be sincere and sincere Serving customers, dedicated to providing professional PPE products worldwide.