PPE Apparel Industrial Safe Clothing Construction Aramid Flame Resistant Mining Clothing

Function:Flame Retardant
Material: aramid
Weight: 180gsm
Size: XS S M L XL XXL XXXL or custom
Logo: Screen printing/embroidery
Samples time: Within 7 days according to design requirements
Production time: 60 days after sample confirmed
Production month capacity: 30000-50000pcs
1. Feature:

(1).Laundering does not damage its flame resistant property.
(2).Stand a continuous temperature of 900-1500.
(3).Good color fastness,excellent strength.
(4).Soft feel and do not pill, melt or drip under intensive heat.
(5).It’s fabric passed EN ISO 11611, EN ISO 11612, EN 14116, NFPA 2112, EN 1149-3, GB 8965 standards.

2. Details description:

(1).Closed placket, double zipper, flat lapel.
(2).Two chest pockets, two oblique pockets and two back pockets.
(3).Adjustable waist elasticity.
(4).Shoulder, cuff, chest, waist, trousers have 5CM flame retardant reflective tape.
(5).Special part double needle sewing ensures firm.
3. Testing Room:

Aramid is a new type of high-tech synthetic fiber. It has excellent properties such as ultra-high strength, high modulus and high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, light weight, insulation, anti-aging, and long life cycle. It is widely used in composite materials and bullet-proof products, building materials, special protective clothing, electronic equipment and other fields. Its strength is 5 to 6 times that of steel wire, its modulus is 2 to 3 times that of steel wire or glass fiber, its toughness is 2 times that of steel wire, and its weight is only about 1/5 of steel wire, and it does not decompose at a temperature of 560 degrees. Do not melt. It has good insulation and anti-aging properties and has a long life cycle. The main introduction here is its application on special protective clothing. Xinke Protective Technology Protection Co., Ltd. produced an aramid clothing.

This aramid clothing is made of fiber-retardant principle. Its limit oxygen index (LOI) is greater than 28, so it will not continue to burn when it leaves the flame. It is a kind of permanent flame-retardant fiber and will not be used due to time and The number of washings is reduced or the flame retardancy is lost, and it has good thermal stability. It can be continuously used under the condition of 205°C, and it can maintain high strength under the high temperature condition of more than 205°C. Xinke Protective defines this alamid clothing style as coverall, because the jumpsuit has a strong protection function, and after wearing a jumpsuit, it reduces the contact space of the staff's skin contact with harmful substances, thereby reducing the harm of harmful substances to the body. Enhance the protective function of aramid clothing on the human body and is the most effective safe clothing.

4. Application:

This alamid clothing is carefully designed by the designer, its door is closed, the use of YKK double long zipper, flat lapels, two pockets on the chest, two oblique pockets, two pockets behind the pants, adjustable waist elastic. Shoulder, cuffs, chest, waist, trousers have 5CM flame-retardant tape, and the special part of the double-needle sewing to ensure solid, in the production process is also detected by a dedicated inspection staff to ensure product quality. There are more than 200 sewing workers in the protective clothing factory, the computer automatic assembly line can produce 60,000 pieces of flame-retardant clothing per month to ensure the delivery of products.

5. Inquiry:

This aramid clothing is widely used in various aspects of the aerospace, electromechanical, construction, automotive, sporting goods and other aspects of the national economy. In aeronautical and aerospace applications, aramid fibers are lightweight due to their high strength and save a large amount of power fuel. Xinke Protective can use aramid fabrics to make air clothing, Construction Clothing, etc. If you are interested in our products, please contact with us at any time, we will provide you with the best service and the most suitable workwear for your workers.