Safety Breathable Fire Resistant Cotton Work Coverall

What style of workwear is the safest and warmest? What style do you want to wear? A jacket? A shirt or a working coverall? Are you trying to tell me that it takes a season to decide what kind of workwear to wear? But I would like to say NO. The reason is very simple, for example, we have all seen the clothing worn by firefighters when they work, even in the hot summer they wear thick firefighting clothes.

In the same way, we have to choose our work clothes according to the working environment when we choose our clothes. Today I want to talk about our Safety Breathable Fire Resistant Cotton Work Coverall, why choose a coverall, not because other styles of clothing are not safe, but in some dangerous places choose working coverall safer. The breathability of this coverall is very good because the back of it is mesh design, which has good breathability. Even if you sweat during work because of long time movement, it can discharge the sweat out of the clothes and keep the clothes dry, so it is convenient to choose breathable cotton coverall. The permanent flame-retardant aramid thread is used to sew this coverall, and the double-opening aramid zipper is designed for easy on and off. If you feel that the cuffs don’t fit on your body, you can adjust your cuffs because the cuffs are designed with adjustable four-way buttons.

In addition, this coverall has good flame retardant properties, so if you need clothing with flame resistant properties you can also choose this one. No matter what the weather or environment, you want your work area to have full safety measures. fire resistant coveralls can be a great help to your safety, so if you have a need for flame resistant clothing, but not as much as the fire industry, you should choose this coverall. If you are interested in our products, or if you have questions about workwear, you can leave us a message and we will answer them for you.