Wholesale OEM Cotton Welding Workwear Safety Flame Retardant Coveralls

Supply Type:OEM service
Material:cotton and Anti-static
Standard:NFPA 2112,ASTM D6413,NFPA 70E
Function:Flame retardant
MOQ:1000 pieces per color
Delivery time:40 to 50 days after confirming the Pre-production Samples
1. Wear Methods:

(1), start working coverall, check whether flame retardant coverall it is intact.
(2). Pull off the zipper on the back of the flame retardant coverall.
(3), first into the body suit and then into the arm, and finally wear a hood.
(4). Pull on the zipper and press the snap button.
(5). Put on safety boots and adjust the laces as required.
(6). Make sure the trousers fully cover the boot of the safety boot.
(7). Finally, wear gloves, so wear a full set of flame retardant clothing and components.
(8). Take off the working coverall in the reverse order.

2. Details Description:
3. safety coverall composition and application:

flame retardant coverall is made of 100% cotton or 99% cotton 1% Anti-static fiber.which not only avoid fire also Anti-static.it is comfortable to wear,and feel softness no harm to human body.welding coverall has many advantages such as abrasion resistance and good strength.FrecotexR cotton flame retardant treatment technology.The flame retardant coverall consist high quality cotton as raw material. The flame retardant fabric has excellent flame-retardant property and washing resistance. The washing resistance of flame-retardant fabric can reach 50 times. 260g cotton flame-retardant fabric can meet the standard of en ISO 11611 en ISO 11612 IEC61482-1-2.

Cotton flame-retardant fabric is the best choice for working coverall,especially in petroleum, chemical industry, gas station, metallurgy, welding, mining, repair and other industries. It can also be made into jackets, trousers, even body clothing, etc. Suitable for the four seasons.

4. Welding workers work enviroment:

Welding workers work at high temperatures every day, and they generate a lot of sparks. Fabrics must have flame retardant and breathable features .we produce flame retardant coverall not good at fire retardant but also Breathable Comfortable to wear,Soft touch. Welding is a complicated and hard work. In particular, we need better protection. Welding for the eyes. Faces, feet, and so on are all at risk. A slight inattention can result in a scald condition that requires special precautions.

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