88% Cotton 12% Nylon FR Work Safety Reflective Jacket

Inherently aramid sewing thread
Front with aramid tape zipper
Ultrasoft FRARCTEX FR fabric
Two chest pockets with buttons
UL classified NFPA 2112 – 2018
ASTM F1506
ATPV 8.6 cal/cm², HRC/CAT 2
Khaki, Sand, Grey, Denim etc


Cotton Nylon Fabric is our company skilled and popular fabric in market,of course other fabric also can customized for you.if we put on Safety reflective jacket,we need consider many factors,For example comfortable and soft fabric,breathable worm,safety and so on.These are important whether it is work clothes or ordinary clothes, frankly. If a worker thinks that his fabric is too hot and impermeable to breathe, he will feel uncomfortable and refuse to wear it. Therefore, reducing the risk of thermal stress is not only related to safety, but also to worker comfort. Because when the risk of heat stress is too high, workers cheat. They will dress inappropriately and may not even wear them at all. Irregular wearing of fire proof safety jacket brings great dangers, both for workers and employers, and it takes a lot of risk, which is why it is so important to ensure that they are not exposed to heat stress in any possible way. the reason. Our fabrics are lightweight and still provide protection to help you resolve this concern. Xinke technology spreads water quickly, which speeds up the evaporation process. Xinke’s proprietary topcoat on our fabrics is designed to draw moisture away from the skin; keep cool, dry and comfortable while working.

Fire retardant welding safety jacket is a personal protective jacket that is designed with high visibility colors, such as orange or yellow. The protected and visible silver reflective stripes on the Safety reflective jacket help increase visibility in the snow or darkness at night Improved visibility so you can still see at night or in bad weather. The safety jacket is a protective jacket designed to make you unique in design, safe and reliable, warm and able to weather cold months.

Xinke FR fire proof safety jacket protects against arc and flash fire hazards. This is a common phenomenon in the electrical, oil and gas, chemical and industrial markets. In environments where flammable solids, liquids and their vapors, gases or dust are common, flashes often Burning. When the flash fire burns, it is easy to hurt people. If you wear clothing that is not flame retardant, it is likely to burn quickly and cause harm to the human body. Or when an electric current flows through the air between an ungrounded conductor and a grounded conductor, an arc flash may occur, and subsequently, it may catch fire and directly burn the skin. Fire retardant welding safety jacket can save lives because it greatly reduces burns, provides escape times for wearers, and increases survival opportunities. Flame retardant safety jacket will not burn instantly in case of fire, and it will not melt and cause more serious damage to human skin. We will provide FR safety jacket garment certification and certificates to ensure quality. We also have our own R & D team, which has been innovating, researching more safe and comfortable clothing to meet the requirements of different customers. If you have any problems that you can’t solve, you can also find us. It is our responsibility to provide safe products to industrial workers.