Anti-Static FR Jacket With Reflective Tape

Jackets are the most common clothing in people’s modern life. Because it is light, powerful and easy to work and move around, it is loved by most workers, and it is also a style of work clothes that many companies choose to use. Since the formation of the jacket, the evolution of styles can be described as varied, different times, different economic environments, occasions, personality, age, occupation, etc., which have a great influence on the shape of the jacket. In the history of world clothing, the jacket has developed into a huge family. At the same time, with the development of technology, flame-resistant clothing also occupy a major position in the market.

If the jackets are divided into three categories in terms of their functions in technology, jackets are used as work clothes; jackets are used as casual wear; here we mainly introduce the jackets as clothes and the jackets as work clothes. The fabric of the jacket is made of modacrylic, cotton, aramid, wool, mixed flame retardant, etc., and the fabric has passed EN 11611, EN11612, IEC 61482-1 -2, EN 1149, EN20471, and EN13034 standards. The safety jacket is flame retardant and Electrostatic.It also belongs to anti-static for clothes, which is made of conductive fiber imported from abroad. And it has multiple functions and is comfortable and warm. It has multiple pockets for convenient storage of tools.

Long service life, high color fastness, safe and reliable, and comfortable to wear. This jacket has reflective strips on the shoulders, sleeves and waist. The reflective strip can reflect the surrounding light at night, give certain reminders to the people around, and provide a safe working environment for work. Workers who need to work at night have a reflective safety jacket which is very conducive to the work and provides convenience for the safety of workers. In many industries, we need flame-retardant and anti-static clothing, such as construction industry, oil and gas, chemical industry, electric welding, electric power, drilling, coal mine, ship, automobile maintenance, breeding, road facilities, airport and so on. In terms of clothes settings, this one has hidden front zippers and snap buttons, a chest pocket with a flap, a hidden key ring holder and ID bag straps, a side pocket with a flap, two internal pockets with a flap, and more The pocket can hold various tools very conveniently.