65%Polyester35%Cotton Men’S Construction Safety Work Jacket


Nowadays, the safety consciousness of most workers has been greatly improved compared to before. Wearing workwear at work is essential because it can protect our safety and allow us to devote ourselves to our work. Workwear jackets are a good choice for workwear because they can be worn in cool weather or cold weather. They are very comfortable to wear in cool weather, and when it is cold you can wear more layers in the jacket without restricting your movement, which is very convenient.

Today I want to tell you about our 65%Polyester35%Cotton Men’S Construction Safety Work Jacket, which uses a fabric composition of 65%polyeater35%cotton, weighing about 250gsm, which is very comfortable to wear and will not make you feel Workwear is heavy. The overall choice of blue fabric, but some black for decoration, the appearance of the clothes look like this kind of very atmospheric. The safety jacket details, there are two chest pockets, convenient for you to carry some of the essentials; the front closure of the clothes is a zipper design, easy to change clothes; in the front chest and back there are reflective strips, can be in a darker place to others to warn, to reduce the occurrence of accidents. If you are in the outdoor industry and have no other requirements for work clothes you can choose this work jacket and let it accompany you to work and contribute to your safety at the same time.

Why do we say that we can’t wait for the work clothes to be damaged before replacing them? First of all, a little bit of clothing damage its various properties and clothing materials will become very fragile, inevitably there will be friction in the work, in order to prevent, sturdy and complete clothing can bring you peace of mind. Secondly, like this construction jacket in the beginning is very wear-resistant, long time wearing it will become very poor wear resistance, wear not only unsightly, but also let the customer have a bad impression of you. The last is of course for the safety of workers, put safety first, safety is greater than everything.



About us, our products are certified by various authorities, and we have an independent testing room where we strictly verify the clothes that leave our factory. We can also guarantee the delivery time of our products, because we have an independent production factory, we can meet your requirements and hand you a perfect product. If you have any questions, you can also come to us for consultation, welcome to visit our website.