Flame-Retardant And Anti UV Industrial Jacket For Men

The most frightening thing in summer is the harm of ultraviolet radiation to the human body, especially the workers who have been working outdoors, exposing the skin to the air for a long time, and the strong sunlight with too high temperature will burn the skin of the human body, this is very difficult to endure, the most important is the damage caused by strong light on the human body. This flame-retardant industrial jacket for men is designed for workers who work long hours outdoors. It has both flame-retardant and uv-proof properties. Anti U V jacket works by absorbing high energy UV rays into the fabric, converting them to low energy and eliminating the harm caused by UV rays. These garments have good absorption, conversion, reflection and scattering effects, after finishing the fabric on the human skin without any stimulation, and can avoid UV damage to the human body, but also does not affect the other performance of clothes. Its flame retardancy is suitable for the petrochemical, natural gas and other industries, where fire is very taboo. The products of these industries are inflammable and explosive materials. Once they are exposed to fire, they will certainly cause great harm, so be sure to wear fire retardant jacket for heating in these industries. The fire retardant jacket has a nylon zipper and flame retardant velcro on the front door and two breast pockets with flame retardant velcro on top. The jacket’s Hem can be adjusted to fit all workers within range, the jacket has threaded cuffs that fit well with the wrist, and Kevlar flame retardant reflective yellow tape sewn to the cuffs and waist to improve visibility in the dark.

Long-term outdoor workers must not underestimate the harm of UV, work to wear safety jacket, to protect workers from the harm of UV, short-term work under UV is good for the body, but excessive ultraviolet radiation can make the human body produce Erythema, pigmentation, immune system control, these are very bad for the body, so must pay attention to. Our products are subject to strict inspection before they leave the factory, ensuring that all exported products are 100% qualified. The quality of the product can be 100% assured, if you want to other functions of protective clothing can also contact us, we will help you customize your clothing according to your conditions, we can also help you to test the product, choose us. We look forward to working with you.