High Visibility Winter Work Fire Resistant Waterproof Protection Jackets

• Reflective tape
• Mildew resistant.
• Dark colored front helps conceal dirt.
• Breathable and water-resistant
• Two-way zip front with snap closure storm flap and chafe-free chin guard
• 3 front zipper pockets
• 2 inside pockets
• Hook and loop adjustable cuffs
• 3 piece fully lined snap-off hood with drawstring
• Comfort fleece lined collar
• Inner breast pocket with zipper closure
• Elastic cuffs with hook & loop take-up straps on sleeves.

The change of the four seasons needs to be equipped with different seasons of work clothes. It is hot in summer, it needs breathable and sweat-absorbent, thinner clothing, and it is colder in winter. It needs thicker and warmer high visibility winter jackets. Autumn is our favorite season and it is more comfortable, Workers can choose long-sleeved shirts and knitted work shirt, stylish and comfortable. The rainy season in winter is very painful for most people working outdoors. The cold season, the lingering cold wind, and the rainy season will make the cold worse, so a set of warm and waterproof work clothes is essential, fire resistant waterproof jackets can send you safe and warm. Everything seems to take longer in the rain or on a wet work site, but work must still be done, so we need to protect ourselves. Because rain and rain naturally reduce visibility, you are more susceptible to accidents or injuries that can be directly attributed to invisibility. So many manufacturers make adjustments to the visibility of clothes. High visibility winter jackets allow you to be found in dark and rainy days, greatly reducing accidents. Xinke offers a large number of high visibility winter jackets that are ideal for providing warmth, visibility and protection when working outdoors or in places with low visibility. These best-selling products are durable, waterproof, with reflective bands and contrasting colors, and are very eye-catching to ensure maximum comfort and convenience. You can choose from a variety of sizes, colors and categories, or leave your requirements, we will solve your doubts to the maximum and create fire protection jackets suitable for you.

Fire resistant waterproof jackets have vibrant contrast, durability and you need to stay safe and comfortable at work. This high visibility winter jackets polyester tear-resistant design can withstand hard work and have a longer life. Durable windshield and shell coating will help block rain and snow, so you can focus on the job at hand . The 3M reflective tape is double-stitched for enhanced strength and visibility, and is matched with orange high visibility winter jackets to ensure that it can be seen even in low-light areas. The multi-pocket design ensures that your items are within reach. Includes a zippered chest pocket, 2 stowage pockets and an internal patch pocket. Comes with adjustable hook-and-loop cuffs and detachable cover, and comes with quick-release snaps to ensure safety and versatility. Light-colored, lightweight clothing that can use all the solar heat you handle to reflect on clothing . Of course, other products should be combined with other products to better protect workers’ safety.



Xinke Protection not only conducts quality control in the internal laboratory, but also invests a lot of money for external testing. Our garment factory has passed the five major certifications of LA, SA8000, ISO9001, ISO14001 and WRAP. According to the needs of customers and the characteristics of the environment used, products that are more suitable for the use scene can be customized. At present, many world-renowned tooling brands have cooperated with our company to express our recognition for our customized services. We have been committed to providing professional functional protective fabrics and protective clothing for domestic and foreign petroleum, chemical, welding, marine, natural gas, electric power, smelting, military and police, machinery manufacturing, aviation, marine and other industries, and work globally as a front-line Manufacturing workers bring safe protective products. The professional customer service team provides you with 7 * 24 fast response service. After becoming our VIP customer, you can enjoy one-on-one professional service. For more service details, please email or call for consultation.