Men’S Flame Resistant CVC Safety Work Welder Jacket Outerwear


1.Meterial:polyester cotton 245g/m2
3.Folds in the back, pockets, chest pockets and mobile pocket.
4.Zipper with flap in front.
5.Push button control around the wrist and life.
6.Reflective in body.
7.Size Standard :44~66
8.Waterproof and breathable fabric for all season comfort.
9.Breathable. Test method ASTM E96.
10.Overhead shoulder design for complete freedom of movement.

Are you hesitating to find the right flame resistant work jacket for the new year? Are you looking for the right one among various suppliers? See if you are willing to stop at our company, let us provide you with services, answer your doubts one by one, and solve workplace safety problems. Whether you are an employer or an employee, you may have some knowledge of safety, hazards, and standard best practices in the industry. Although safety is important in any workplace, most readers work in industries where hazards such as sparks, arcs, dust, or oil and gas exist, and safety is a vital factor in these industries. There is serious danger. Life is only once. We should attach importance to safety. Different materials of flame retardant clothing have different wearing experiences and are also used in different industries. Cotton: Cotton is usually comfortable and soft, but after being exposed to the sun for a few minutes, those comfortable cotton slimes may sweat and are extremely uncomfortable. Therefore, the combination of fabrics CVC work jacket outerwear is required to absorb moisture and perspiration. The absorbent and sweat-wicking clothes will absorb sweat and pull it away from your body. Expert tips: Find a 55/45 mixture of synthetic and natural fibers to achieve the best Moisture wicking performance and good breathability.

This men’s work jacket has many different color to choose, its design is in line with the requirements of the field of work, easy to put tool pockets, 1 inner chest pocket, 2 lower tilt pockets; mobile phone pockets; 2 pen sleeves on the sleeves, elastic With a belt and wrist that are easy to adjust, this flame resistant work welder jacket has a stand-up welder’s collar, a slanted scribble pen pocket, an internal pocket with a zipper, and an elongated front for added protection and a better look for the wearer . The collar of the welder needs to protect the neck, so this work jacket welder outerwear has a stand-up collar, which is both beautiful and very protective. We can tailor your comfortable and fit flame resistant work jacket according to your requirements style and size. This extremely warm and comfortable jacket is very suitable for people who spend a lot of time outdoors. It is one of Xinke’s best-selling Men’s work welder jackets. The lined nylon has seams to keep the heat, while the cotton sandstone ducks on the outside can withstand the worst weather. There are plenty of pockets to store and keep warm. Contrasting color collar adds some unique feelings, let you have a different feeling, enjoy work comfortably, enjoy the comfort of work jacket welder outerwear.

In 2009, Xinke Protection established a protective clothing garment factory with more than 200 sewing workers, using 4 fully automatic assembly lines and more than 200 sets of equipment, with a monthly output of 100,000 pieces. Xinke uses world-class computer embroidery machines with stable performance and high precision. The fastest speed, quality and quantity perfectly display your company logo, which solves your clothing production time and cost to the greatest extent. Each garment of the customer will be decomposed into 22-26 procedures, and the pulsation of the assembly line is strictly controlled by a computer program. Each procedure is controlled by the triple quality control of workers’ self-inspection, group inspection, and inspection. There are mobile inspection personnel; before delivery flame resistant work jacket , the finished product will be sampled strictly in accordance with the international inspection standard AQL2.5. Ensure customer product quality and delivery. In order to better serve customers and meet customer requirements, we have been learning and perfecting various processes. Product qualification is our pursuit of the lowest bottom line. We must manufacture flawless products to escort workers worldwide.