Orange High-visibility Workwear Flame Retardant Jacket

Each industry has a work uniform for each industry, for safety, according to the work environment to choose different functions of clothing, so that they are in a safe environment. On the one hand, you can show the image of your company, and on the other hand, it is beneficial and harmless to you. Beautiful clothes can make you stand out, but life safety is more important than being different.

In order to create a safe environment for workers in all aspects, we have not only done research on the function of the clothing, but also improved the color selection of the clothing page, which allows customers to make their own choice. This high visibility workwear jacket is the best choice we can offer you. The fabric it uses is 99% cotton 1% anti-static and weighs around 350g. The cotton fabric is more comfortable to wear, plus the anti-static function can prevent clothes from sticking to the body and can work in a comfortable state. About the quality, it will go through multiple processes of testing before leaving the factory; about the function, it has the certification of EN11611, EN11612 and other flame retardant standards, so it is fully capable of helping you and keep you in a safe position.

There are not only accidents at work, but also accidents caused by weather. In rainy weather, it is difficult to identify where the workers are located, which is extremely unsafe, so we fully weave security jackets with high visibility for these troubles. The fabrics chosen for this type of jacket are color recognition and reflective strips on them, so we can position the workers even in the dark weather and make them more visible. These enhanced visibility jackets provide visibility and color differences even in colder weather when insulated clothing is needed. With standard visibility features in a rugged design, these garments provide excellent insulation and warmth.

If you are on a construction site, you can hang on to this type of workwear and it can save you from some of the dangers that can happen unnecessarily. No matter what the job is, you should choose the corresponding workwear to put yourself in a safe environment. We also have fire protect jacket, if you need it you can also contact us, we help you with advice and design to meet your needs for workwear.