Men’S Safety Overalls Construction Work Pants With Reflective Tapes


Fabric: polyester/ Lycra/ viscose/cotton 290gsm
polymide /viscose/cotton /lycra 260gsm
Nylon/lycra 380gsm on knee pocket


Full stretch craft pants with incredibly good freedom of movement and comfort.
Soft and comfortable against the skin.
Moisture releasing, keep cool and dry.
Front pockets, back pockets with flap,
Thigh pocket left side with integrated pocket for mobile phone.
Reflex on legs.
EN ISO 20471 class 1.


There are many working environments that require work clothes with bright colors and reflective stripes, which can effectively avoid danger. Work clothes with high visibility will bring people a good visual enjoyment because of the brighter colors, and keep people happy, which can improve the work efficiency and effectiveness of workers. So what role do these brightly colored clothing and reflective tape work pants play in work?

What I recommend today is this men’s safety overalls construction work pants with reflective tapes. These trousers are made of three different fabrics. These three fabrics are polyester/ Lycra/ viscose/cotton 290gsm. , polymide /viscose/cotton /lycra 260gsm and Nylon/lycra 380gsm on knee pocket. We call this kind of pants color-blocking stretch pants. As the name suggests, they have excellent elasticity and are especially friendly to workers who work outdoors. Because most of the workers who work outdoors need very loose work clothes to prevent them from restricting their movements and causing inconvenience to them. This safety cargo pants has good mobility and comfort, the fabric is soft and skin-friendly, so that people who wear this pants can work happily and comfortably. If we are working in the summer or sweating in the winter, our clothes will be soaked, and the moisture will not be easily discharged, which will bring very uncomfortable feelings. In response to this situation, we have adjusted the pants to make them have moisture permeability. It can keep clothes dry and cool even after sweating.

We all know that tools are indispensable for working outside or indoors. For convenience and safety, we set up multiple pockets on this workwear cargo pants. It has two side pockets, two back pockets with flaps and two leg pockets. These pockets are convenient for us to carry and use when we need to work. tool. In order to keep in touch with colleagues at work, we usually carry mobile phones and other electronic devices that are convenient for contact. In order to prevent these things from being lost, a hidden mobile phone bag is designed at the left leg pocket of the pants. Of course, in order to enable workers to work safely in the dark, apart from choosing brightly colored fabrics, reflective films are printed on the feet of the trousers. These reflective films can clearly locate the location of the workers after being illuminated by light. In short, bright colored clothing and reflective strips can effectively enhance the visibility of the clothing, which in turn can add a layer of security to the safety of workers. Our summary is: to provide the highest quality protective products for global industrial workers, so that every worker can work safely and comfortably.