Designable Flame Retardant Cargo Pants Men’s Wholesale With Reflective Tape



Item: XKEU-FRAS1002 Trousers
Size Range: 46-64
Composition: 99% Cotton 1% Antistatic satin
Weight: 350g/m2
Standard: Oekotex certificate
EN11611, EN11612, EN1149, IEC61482-1-2
Color: Orange, Red, Navy, Royal Blue

1. YKK zipper/ Brass button in front closure
2. 50mm offshore FR reflective tape around legs
3. 1 leg pocket with flap & 2 hand pockets& 2 back pockets



Designable flame retardant cargo pants men’s wholesale with reflective tape made from 99% cotton and 1% de antistatic. It is Oekotex certificate, EN11611, EN11612, EN1149, IEC61482-1-2 certification, so its standards and quality is fully up to standard, buyers do not have to worry about the quality of the product. Fire retardant cargo pants is fire retardant antistatic by its name, this functional clothing is very friendly to workers, fire retardant means in the event of fire and other accidents, the flame-retardant properties of the pants can make the pants self-extinguishing in the shortest time, helping workers to delay the time of escape and rescue. Its 1% anti-static section is to prevent clothing and body friction generated static electricity, we all know when the static electricity will burst sparks. Made of 99% flame retardant fabric, the pant is softer and more comfortable to wear than other standard protective clothing. It is also highly breathable and hygroscopic, making it ideal for work. We have a lot of flame retardant clothing, you can wear this mens work pants with our flame retardant shirt or we learned that flame retardant jacket jacket, these protective clothing with excellent performance, can be your work in the protection of the charm. The weight of the pants is not heavy, it weighs 350m2 grams, there is no special sense of weight on the body, choose this pants, let it be your work best friend.



You will definitely consider the price, workmanship, fabric, color and other factors when choosing your garment. Our cargo pants for men wholesale are very competitive in price, because we combine all the conditions of the workers when we make them, price the product according to the situation, so you can test our clothing fabric, it is allowed to be manufactured after many professional testing, inspection, when you test it will find it is very competitive. We have four colors for you to choose from, and I’m sure one will be perfect for you. Choose us, and we will provide you with the best products. Some people have different skin types and may be allergic to flame retardants, so try them before wearing them in case they cause discomfort. Customer First, win-win cooperation, integrity and innovation, loyalty and gratitude is our values. We cordially invite you to visit our company and do our best to serve you.