Flame Resistant Men’S FR Cotton Denim Workwear Jeans

Inherently aramid sewing thread
Durable FRDURATEX FR fabric
Front with Aramid tape

UL classified NFPA 2112 – 2018
ASTM F1506
ATPV 18 cal/cm² , HRC/CAT 2

Khaki, Sand, Grey, Denim etc



100% Cotton FR Jeans should be an indispensable pair of pants in your life. There may be a lot of blue fr jeans hanging in your closet. Do you need to be able to wear stylish jeans and have safety at work? Our Flame Resistant Blue Cotton Denim Pants have the advantage of flame protection and provide cotton comfort. Fire resistant fabrics are specially designed to ensure flame retardant over the life of the garment. Xinke is recommended for flame cutting, welding, casting, power, chemical, petroleum, natural gas and petrochemical industries, etc. Men’S Classic Heavyweight FR Cotton Denim Jeans loose fit fire resistant jeans are different from other jeans in your wardrobe. When you want both durable and comfortable They are ideal for work pants with flame retardant advantages. These fire resistant mid-blue denim work pants meet NFPA 2112 requirements as well as NFPA 70E, UL standards and they are rated for ATPV 18 cal / cm², HRC / CAT 2.

They are made of 100% Cotton FR Jeans. Flame retardant properties include: arc-proof button belt closures, Aramid (FR) threads in all garment seams, high-quality brass zippers with Aramid (FR) zip straps, and flame retardant pockets. Flame retardant protection is just the beginning of why you will love these men’s work pants. Rugged, three-pin stitching and reinforced back pocket, as well as a tool-friendly pocket, it brings comfort to the wearer throughout the day. When relaxed,They can give you a hint of joy when wearing hard working days. Of course, they are made to fit your boots and make it easy for you to wear safe boots. Although you may have other jeans, they are not the same as men’s usual blue denim loose fit jeans. They have safety and flame retardant properties to escort your safety. If you need water, oil, and antistatic functions, we will also to meet your needs. Stepping into these areas, you will step into flame retardant safety, durability and comfort. Order Flame Resistant Blue Cotton Denim Pants from Xinke today and you will understand what we mean and fall in love with our work clothes.

Flame Resistant Blue Cotton Denim Pants is good and thick; these jeans are very durable, in fact, these jeans can be used continuously for several years at a time, and they will not wear even on the bottom of the legs. However, when cleaning, keep away from other light-colored clothes to avoid dyeing. The 100% Cotton FR Jeans will fade a little. I will wash these fr work jeans with similar colors to avoid any color dyes from infiltrating during the washing or drying cycle. White clothing. The flame retardant performance of our flame retardant clothing may have some impact on flame retardant when washed 50-100 times, but it also reaches the required number of washing cycles, so you can use it with confidence. We recommend that if the employer purchases clothes that can be cleaned in a professional way, if the employer relies on household laundry, they must perform the correct laundry procedures and technical training for employees, and the employer must regularly check the clothes to ensure that no repairs or Change clothes. If the employer fails to meet these conditions, the employer is responsible for washing the FR garments. “All these are to ensure that workers can work safely and protect their lives.