Mens Fire Retardant Work Industry Hi-Vis Pants With Reflective

•Item: XKEU-FRAS1014 Hi-Vis trousers
•Size Range: 46-64
•Composition: 80%Cotton 19%Polyester 1%Anti-static
•Weight: 350g/m2
•Standard: Oekotex certificate EN11611, EN11612, EN1149, IEC61482-1-2 EN20471, EN13034
• YKK zipper/ Brass button in front closure
• Back pockets with flaps
• Left cargo pocket with flap, ruler pocket
• Shaped knees with adjustable inside knee pad pockets
• Reflective stripes around legs



Today, workplace safety is more important than ever. Life safety is more important in every field of work. Industry hi-vis pants contribute to your safety. The pants have reflective bands on the side seams and the entire pair of pants to improve visibility in low light conditions. Mens work industry pants are very popular in many fields. The pants also use fluorescent yellow color design, in order to improve the visibility of the pants, so that you can be more easily found. Other features include: hook and loop placket with adjustable sides and elastic back; elastic bottom cuffs with zip for easy access to boots; heavy-duty solid right cargo bag; left and right pocket entrances. Many areas require some functional clothing to increase external protection and improve safety performance. Our company focuses on the production of flame-retardant functional clothing, which is now very mature. There are two common flame retardant methods for additives. One is to accelerate the dehydration and carbonization of the fiber to reduce the amount of combustible materials to achieve flame retardancy; the other is to change the internal structure of the fiber through chemical processes to reduce the combustible components and achieve flame retardant . Either way, we can provide you with flame retardant, and customize it according to your requirements. If you work in a hazardous work environment or provide work clothes for workers who require flame retardant work clothes, you may understand the importance of providing the right work clothes. We are responsible for the safety of human life, so we need to be very careful in finding the most suitable fire retardant pants. It is always important to ensure that work clothes are properly worn. Loose or inappropriate clothing is not only bad for exercise, it can also affect your comfort. All manufacturers have their own size guides. In order to better understand the size that is right for you, please contact us and ask us for your answers.

The lightweight FR mens work industry pants can be easily squatted down. The elasticated waist provides you with a range of bending and crouching, and overalls can still protect you. Whether you bend, kneel or stand all day, our industry hi-vis pants can easily help you achieve it, you will immediately like it when you put on work. Durable FR pants made from a strong cotton blend make it much easier to put on or take off this garment. Whether you are working on a natural gas or oil rig, a site ready for drilling, or you are part of a hydraulic fracturing unit, choose high-quality flame retardant pants at an affordable price. Most flame retardant products will have the same or less shrinkage as standard workwear and should be sized accordingly. These multi-purpose garments must be resistant to washing away dirt and flammable contaminants, and not be excessively restored to fade, fluff / pilling or excessive shrinkage.

Our laboratory purchased foreign washing machines to wash the work clothes. The repeated tests of color fastness and flame retardant after washing several times reached the standard. FR garments do not require special detergents, but you should never use fabric softeners. This may cover the fiber and mask flame retardancy. It can also be used as fuel in the case of combustion. For more than 20 years, Xinke protective has been committed to providing the best workwear products and customer service. We support the quality, workmanship and performance of all our products. We use only the highest quality materials and apply stringent quality control standards to every garment and accessory we sell. Our goal is to ensure that you are happy with every purchase and provide you with it in the years to come. Best service. For all warranty issues, please contact our customer service team.