Multi-Pocket Flame-Retardant Anti-Static Safety Work Pants

Knee pocket: Oxford 100%nylon 200gsm
Cargo pants with hanging pockets in the front
Two side pockets
Two thigh pockets
Two back pockets
Knee pockets
Hammer holder on waist side
Reflex on legs.
EN20471 class2


The weather in autumn is very dry, and the most important thing for workers who make large movements is static electricity. Static electricity not only causes clothes to be only adsorbed on people’s body and causes great discomfort, it is also one of the root causes of fires, so for autumn work clothes, it must have anti-static characteristics.

The fabric of this Anti-Static pants is made of Oxford 100% nylon with a weight of 200gsm. There are 2 leg pockets and back pockets on the trousers, and there are two side pockets on the leg side. It is also designed on the trousers for the convenience of carrying common tools. With two hanging bags, multiple pockets on the pants can meet the requirements of workers to carry tools. This tool pants is specially designed for outdoor workers, so there is a hammer loop at the waist. In autumn, the weather also slowly turns cold. People who catch a cold on the knees of the legs are easy to get injured. So-called, considering the issue of warmth, we designed knee pads on the knees, which can protect the legs of workers. Some accidents are easy to happen outdoors. In order to prevent these accidents from happening, we have made some designs. The pants are made of highly visible fluorescent yellow, and the reflective strips on the trousers can easily attract the attention of others, so as to avoid accidents. occur. The autumn weather is very dry, and workers’ large movements and friction will generate a lot of static electricity, which will cause the clothes to stick to the body and give people a very uncomfortable feeling, which will greatly affect the work efficiency of the workers. There will be a lot of static electricity generated when friction is serious. Static electricity is one of the causes of fire. Therefore, when choosing anti-static work clothes, we must also consider the flame retardancy of the pants. We can choose flame resistant pants, which not only have resistance The flammability is also anti-static. For some workplaces, the functionality of these pants can protect the safety of workers.

For the selection of Safety Pants, we should choose different levels of flame-retardant or anti-static work clothes according to the functionality of different processing objects in different places. Secondly, the cleaning of this type of work clothes should be as simple as possible. The method is carried out to avoid subjecting the work clothes to strong mechanical and chemical washing. When working, buckle all the buttons and zippers well, and try not to make them close to undressing.