Cotton Fireproof Button Down Plaid Work Men’s Mechanic Shirt



Size Range:S-5XL
Weight: 260gsm
ARC RATING:ATPV 8.2 cal/cm², HRC/CAT 2
Standard:UL classified NFPA2112-2018,NFPA70E, ASTMF 1959,ASTM F1506
Details:Inherent Aramid sewing thread
Durable Frduratex FR fabric
Chest pocket with button




Fireproof plaid shirt is unmatched in comfortable, safety, and looks. Our Safety Long Sleeve Spread Collar Fireproof Plaid Shirt is very durable and can withstand even the toughest workplace conditions whether on an offshore, oil and gas, refinery, or wherever how your environment dangerous ,xinke’s Plaid Button Down Fireproof Work Shirt will endure.Fireproof work plaid shirt is popular in America,which is our company new published clothing, and we have more than 20 styles ,of course you can customized belong yourself. It can be designed one or dual breast pockets allow the worker access to pertinent items at a moments notice. The sleeve vents allow cooler air to permeate within the FR plaid Shirt and prevent the wearer from perspiring as much. We considerate every details about FR plaid work shirt,Xinke protective devote produce perfect product for every users.

The working environment may be dirty, maybe a little boring, and the work clothes may be too out of date for you to accept. Good-looking Fireproof plaid shirt will bring you a good mood for work. We are committed to making work clothes also at the front end of fashion, letting railways, paint Many workers in the pharmaceutical, combustible dust, petrochemical, construction, electrical and utility industries can wear comfortable and safe clothes without losing their handsomeness and good looks. Of course, safety is an indispensable factor. Our work area is full of dangerous factors, other equipment is perfect, and it is necessary to pay attention to safety in clothes. Whenever there is a danger in the workplace, these Safety Long Sleeve Spread Collar Fireproof Plaid Shirts can help fight back and resist arc flash and explosions, ensuring you are safe and not injured. Layering FR garments is advantageous because it can improve the resilience of FRC garments.Here are some styles of our fireproof grid fabric. Do you like it? If you have a good recommendation, you can also tell us that it is our responsibility to meet the needs of customers. We are very fortunate to be able to customize your style Plaid Button Down Fireproof Work Shirt for you, make you comfortable working and also safe and secure. The important thing is your work clothes. Looks stylish and handsome. Doesn’t it make you bored at work?

Xinke places great emphasis on providing safe and secure work clothing, 100% treated and inherent cotton, and environmentally friendly and safe Plaid Button Down Fireproof Work Shirt. Many of our Fireproof plaid shirt meet the standards that customers want. We have dedicated laboratories and R & D personnel to ensure the quality of our products. Testing is the most important part in the safety management and control program of Xinke. The modern testing center of Xinke Protective is equipped with the most advanced testing equipment: flame retardant testing room, constant temperature and humidity testing room, national standard, European standard, American standard washing room, drum Drying room and friction color fastness and washing fastness detection. We are committed to providing flawless products and providing the best protective clothing in the security industry.