Cotton Flame Resistant Knit Henley Work Long Sleeve Shirt

Size Range: S-5XL
Composition: 100%cotton
Weight: 6.5oz
Standard: UL classified NFPA2112-2018,NFPA70E
ASTMF 1959,ASTM F1506
ARC RATING: ATPV 11 cal/cm², HRC/CAT 2
Details: Inherent Aramid sewing thread
lightweight maximum comfortable fabric
Ribbed collar and cuff to maintain shape





6.5oz Flame Resistant Henley Shirt made of 100% cotton, color can be customized. It is UL classified, pass NFPA2112-2018,NFPA70E, ASTMF 1959,ASTM F1506.The Henley flame resistant work shirt is both durable and comfortable. It is made of 100% flame-retardant knitted cotton, which is extremely breathable and absorbs moisture. It is also very popular in the United States. It is a must-have choice for work. Our company is also the main sweater in the American market. It also plans to produce gray and khaki as the main model and color number for sale. It also has the shortest delivery time, allowing you to get a guarantee in a short time. Warranty clothes. Now that the weather is getting warmer, you can wear a comfortable long sleeve work shirt at work and a fr jacket if it is cold. This lightweight FR work shirt features a handy left chest pocket and 3 top flame-retardant poly buttons. Our FR long sleeve shirts are perfect for welding, oil and gas and utility workers. The flame resistant shirt looks just like fashion. It looks good and uses knitted fabrics. The skin is soft and dyed to match the ribbed knitted collar and cuffs. We already have mature technology, and have developed many new knitting series products. The fluorescent series are also on sale. We have been working hard to meet the various requirements of customers and are exploring new products and better products. keep working hard.

There are many FR long sleeve work shirt to choose from on the market today, and they provide good FR protection in many environments. All FR products have balanced performance, including protection, cost, comfort, appearance, color choice and service life, and each company should choose the product that best meets its overall needs. Maybe you are hesitating which flame retardant fabric is better, can be well protected, comfortable and durable, and you want to keep it for as long as possible, which means that the fabric will last longer and the color will stay change. In order to work shirt have high color fastness requirements, the number of washings with flame retardant and so on are all attracting much attention. Our company’s laboratory also has rich experience and has been committed to research to reach better and stricter requirements. Even after repeated washing and abrasion, they can ensure that they have flame retardancy within the required range. Even after three consecutive months of exposure, our Flame Resistant Henley Shirt retain their color. After 100 washes, they also maintained a long color, which is unheard of in the industry. For some products, FR performance is inherent to the fiber’s chemical composition, so FR performance cannot be eliminated. For other products, as long as appropriate washing procedures are followed, flame retardant treatment can be guaranteed throughout the entire life of the garment. Unfortunately, the flame retardant of a garment cannot be tested in the field without damaging the garment in process. In addition, the test results for one garment do not necessarily represent the performance of other garments in the program. Therefore, we recommend using only FR products and the manufacturer guarantees continuous protection throughout the life of the garment.