Flame Retardant Long-Sleeved Shirts With Multiple Styles

Most electric shock injuries are caused by arc sparks and may be due to a number of root causes. No matter what industry workers work in, especially in those industries where fire can do serious damage, it is essential that they choose flame resistant work shirt as their clothing. Workers in the electrical industry, for example, are more likely to be harmed if they do not wear flame retardant overalls at work. Most overalls are non-flame-retardant garments made of cotton or Polycotton, which can easily catch fire and burn, causing serious injury or even life-threatening injuries, the choice of flame retardant coveralls helps to prevent this danger and protect workers from injury.

This FRESOTEX shirt has excellent flame retardancy and comes in two styles, one of which is a knit shirt. Fabric is very soft and comfortable, knitted shirt fabrics are soft with fluffy yarn metamorphosis into, so the fabric is soft. What’s special about this knit shirt is that it’s flame retardant, giving it one more advantage over regular shirts. With its moisture absorption and breathability, the knitted fireproof shirts can be a worker’s choice in autumn or cooler weather, keeping you warm and comfortable. This flame retardant shirt also has a style is woven, woven flame retardant shirt fabric more stiff, more stable structure, the same excellent flame retardant. The two styles have their own characteristics, you can choose according to their work, choose their own work clothes, so as to play its greatest advantage.

Xinke protection not only has a variety of styles and functions of flame retardant products for you to choose from, but we are also following the development of the times and catching up with the trend, so our flame retardant shirts combine state-of-the-art design with the latest developments in flame-retardant coverings in the fabric department. Every year we will have a batch of new style new fabric flame retardant overalls to the market, to provide customers with the latest products. Of course, for the quality of products, we have layers of process control, strictly control the quality of products and processes to ensure that each product is quality products. Selection of flame retardant work to consider all factors, style, color, size and other basic factors, it is important to consider its function: anti-static, comfort, durability and other factors should be combined with the actual work needs.