Flame Retardant 6.5 Oz. Cotton Long Sleeve Polo Shirt


FR Polo Shirt
100% cotton interlock 6.5oz
Inherently aramid sewing thread
Lightweight maximum comfortable fabric
Ribbed cuff to maintain shape
Inherent modacrylic collar
UL classified NFPA 2112 – 2018
ASTM F1506



Working conditions on construction sites are constantly changing, and workers must be prepared for their jobs when they are on the job. Even though we are sometimes prepared, it is still inevitable that we will encounter a plant accident that poses a threat to our own safety. So what do we do? Different work environments may encounter the same injuries, such as burns. Chemicals and wet cement can cause burns to workers, and fires and explosions can be encountered in some places. So we need to pay high attention to the presence of PPE, especially fire resistant workwear.

It is important to understand that as of now, advanced technology and evolving safety equipment can help workers improve their safety, but it does not completely prevent the possibility of a bad accident at a construction site. Even so, we would like to tell you to wear protective workwear at work, which aims to create a safe environment from the workers themselves. Our work shirts for men are made of soft fabric and it has high quality flame retardant, which is our best-selling model in the Americas market. It is a cotton 6.5oz. fabric that does not feel rough and uncomfortable on the body and is the weight of a standard garment. The thread used for sewing it is fiber flame retardant aramid thread, the combination of flame retardant fabric and flame retardant thread can maximize their function and can better protect the safety of workers. The cuffs are threaded design, to fit the wrists of workers intact, do not give the flames a little opportunity to take advantage of polo shirt collar is also made of high quality fabric – fiber flame retardant Modacrylic, this fabric in all the fabrics belong to the best, although it is flame retardant, but the feel is also very good.

We have our own independent factory with fully automated production line to meet the delivery date. We have not only flame retardant garments but also flame retardant fabric, and for quality, our workwear has UL certificate and NFPA 2112 certification. Regarding the use time of the garments, generally speaking, our products have been washed at least 50 times, and there are some high quality permanent flame retardant garments that have been washed more times, up to 100 times. Use the length of time, as long as your clothes are not broken, flame retardant function has not disappeared you do not need to replace it, no matter what, to replace the clothing under the premise of their own safety.