Flame Retardant Long Sleeve Shirt for men

Choosing a good flame-retardant shirt can improve the work efficiency of workers and help them complete their work effectively. work shirts for men are tailor-made for each worker. It can provide the greatest protection for workers, and can give full play to its advantages at work. When using flame-retardant clothing, please pay attention: When operating in a place with open flames, sparks, flammable substances and fire hazards, do not take off your work clothes; do not wear damaged, contaminated or expired flame-retardant clothing; do not use flame-retardant clothing Put clothing and corrosive materials together; check whether the clothing is in good condition before wearing flame-retardant clothing; do not use high-temperature clean water for cleaning, and the cleaned protective clothing should not be exposed to the sun. Strict attention should be paid to the above content to ensure that the service life and function of the clothes are not reduced.

The fabric of this shirt is mainly composed of cotton and nylon, soft to the touch, high color fastness, and high finish. Cotton fiber has good hygroscopicity. Under normal circumstances, the fiber can absorb moisture from the surrounding atmosphere, and its moisture content is 8-10%, so it touches human skin and makes people feel soft and not rigid. If the humidity of the cotton cloth increases and the surrounding temperature is higher, all the moisture contained in the fiber will evaporate, so that the fabric can maintain a water balance and make people feel comfortable. Nylon is better in synthetic fibers, it is lightweight, has good waterproof and windproof performance, high abrasion resistance, and good strength and elasticity. For example ,workers in the electrical industry, for example, are more likely to be harmed if they do not wear flame retardant overalls at work. Most overalls are non-flame-retardant garments made of cotton or Polycotton, which can easily catch fire and burn, causing serious injury or even life-threatening injuries, the choice of flame retardant coveralls helps to prevent this danger and protect workers from injury. After testing, flame-retardant shirts made of them have permanent flame-retardant effect, and the flame-retardant protection effect is very ideal, especially suitable for workers in the petrochemical industry. It is conceivable that the self-extinguishing function of flame-retardant shirts can provide the wearer with precious escape time , and can ensure that they will not increase the degree of burns.In addition, the flame-retardant shirt also has a thermal insulation function, which can prevent heat from entering, and can prevent breakage without harming the skin.

The front placket of the safety clothing is airtight with four eyes, and there are two chest pockets, so you can carry small items in the pockets. The shirt is sewn with double needles, and the clothes are very safe and tight. There are many colors to choose from, the arc is ATPV 8.6 calories/square centimeter, HRC/CAT 2. Customers can choose according to their own ideas and hobbies. Every process of our clothes is strictly controlled, and the needle and thread of the clothes are strictly selected. After the protective clothing is made, it will go through many inspections and tests. Can provide you with safe and comfortable products, so those who are interested in our products can contact us, we sincerely hope to serve you.