Flame Retardant Work Safety Shirt With Pocket For Men

Choosing a good flame-retardant shirt can improve workers ‘ work efficiency and help workers complete their work efficiently . The shirt fabric blended with aramid and Morocco is very comfortable with a soft hand , high color fastness and good finish . Both Modacrylic and Kevlar are natural and durable flame-retardant fiber fabrics , and the combination of the two gives them good flame-retardant properties . After testing , the flame resistant shirts made by them have a permanent flame retardant effect , and the flame retardant protection effect are very ideal , especially suitable for the workers in the petrochemical industry.It is conceivable that the self-extinguishing function of the flame-retardant shirt can provide the wearer with a valuable escape time for the case of flashover , and can ensure that they will not increase the degree of burns . In addition , the flame-retardant shirt also has a heat insulation function , which can prevent heat of entering and can prevent the rupture without harming the skin . The front placket of this safety shirt is closed with four eyes , and the chest has two pockets , which can carry small items in the pocket . The shirt uses double needle sewing , and the clothes is very safe and tight. The weight of clothes is 150gsm to 250gsm , there are five choices of colors , customers can choose according to their own ideas and hobbies . Every procedure of our clothes has been strictly controlled , and the needles and threads of the clothes have been strictly selected . After the protective clothing is made , it will go through many inspections and tests .

Work shirts for men are tailor-made for each worker . It can provide maximum protection for workers and can give full play to its advantages when working . When using flame-retardant clothing , pay attention : Do not take off work clothes when operating in place with open flames , sparks , flammable substances and fire hazards ; do not wear damaged , contaminated or expired flame-retardant clothing ; do not put Put the flame-retardant clothing and corrosive items together ; check whether the clothes are intact before wearing the flame-retardant clothing ; do not use clean water with high temperature for cleaning , and the protective clothing after cleaning should not be exposed to the sun . Strict attention should be paid to the above content to ensure that the service life and function as the clothes are not reduced .