High Visibility Cotton Long Sleevefire Resistant Men’S Shirts

Do you want a fire resistant shirts that is comfortable and stylish? This high-visibility cotton long-sleeved flame-retardant men’s shirt can meet your fashion requirements. Although it is a functional fire resistant shirt, it is different from traditional flame-resistant shirts. It is light in weight and soft in fabric, so you won’t feel burdened when wearing it, and you won’t be affected by the clothes in your work. This safety shirt is also a great choice for hot summer days. It can absorb moisture and sweat, dry quickly and have good air permeability, so that you can happily finish your work. Choose this hi vis shirts to keep you safe from possible harm at work.

When talking about flame-retardant work clothes, the first thing that comes to mind is that the clothes are heavy and too traditional, which is not in line with the current clothing aesthetics. I am very resistant to wearing them, but I am also worried about being hurt, so I wear them reluctantly and cannot keep a pleasant state of mind, which will greatly affect the efficiency of work.Don’t worry, these are not problems. Our high-visibility cotton long-sleeved flame-retardant men’s shirt uses a fluorescent yellow that is particularly popular every year. It is very fashionable and the visibility of the shirt is also very high. The clothing has a reflective strip, which greatly enhances the visibility of the clothing. . When a worker encounters an engineering emergency and needs to work overtime at night or in bad weather, this hi vis shirts can clearly locate the worker ’s position, and the reflective strip can clearly reflect the worker ’s figure at night to ensure that the danger can occur Quickly locate the worker’s location.

The safety shirt has a higher level of protection and has a pocket on the left breast, which not only serves as a decoration but also makes it convenient to carry personal belongings. Xinke company is committed to providing high quality safety protection products for workers. It has municipal engineering technology research center and specialized production base, and has become the leading manufacturer of excellent safety protection fabrics and garments in China. We have a professional quality control team, strict control of the quality of products, no mistakes, to ensure that customers with the most qualified products. Our advantage is that we have rich and mature experience in the production of protective clothing, our team has professional technology and research and development capabilities, our internal national standard, European standard, American standard testing center, you can test your products. If you need or have your own product idea, please let us know, we can make it for you. We sincerely invite you to visit our company.