Optional 100% Cotton Safety Factory Worker Shirt With Reflective Strips

Safety and application must always come first in the choice of PPE, which is vital to the safety of workers, and comfort must be taken into account when choosing protective clothing, if you are wearing an uncomfortable uniform, the efficiency of the work must be very low, not only that, but also affect their enthusiasm for the work. The materials used for this optional safety work shirts are 100% cotton. Pure cotton fabrics are generally soft and comfortable. The delicate and soft fabrics will not cause great friction with the body, so the possibility of static electricity is generated. very small. In addition, the shirt weighs 155gsm-240gsm, the clothes are very light, and it will not burden the workers.Why is the weight of clothes between these two values? The reason is very simple. This factory worker clothes has three characteristics of flame retardant performance, UV protection performance and mosquito protection. Workers can choose the protective clothing selectively. It is worth noting that it has passed various certifications such as: AS/NZS 4602.1.2011, AS/NZS 1906.4.2010, -EN 11611:2015, EN 11612:2015, EN 1149-5:2008, we provide the most reliable for standards and quality Guarantee.

Its flame-retardant performance is that when it leaves the fire source in the event of a fire, it will self-extinguish in the shortest time, extending the escape time; its anti-UV performance is manifested in long-term outdoor work to protect the skin from UV damage The UPF index reaches 50+, so you can choose UV protective clothing when working outdoors; anti-mosquitoes, everyone must hate mosquito bites, especially at night, it is very uncomfortable to be bitten by mosquitoes, and mosquitoes will bring Infectious diseases pose a threat to human health, so you can choose protective clothing against mosquitoes in places with a lot of mosquitoes. The protective clothing against mosquitoes is no different from other protective clothing in appearance, but it will emit a kind of mosquito stop. The smell plays a role in repelling mosquitoes.Reflective tape can protect and position workers at night or in gloomy weather. It will be very bright at night when exposed to light, making it easy to locate workers. Reflective shirts have light strips sewn on them to quickly and effectively see where the workers are.

When making selections, we must fully consider the breathability, weight, softness and flexibility of the fabric. These are important factors that affect the degree of protection and comfort. Choosing comfortable factory worker clothes can improve work efficiency, and workers are also happy to wear it; Comfortable protective clothing will affect work efficiency, causing employees to be unable to devote themselves to work, or simply take off their protective clothing, which is very unsafe. So be careful when choosing.