Fire-retardant safety cotton working suit

Our company produces a variety of different types of clothing and fabrics, there are workwear,coverall, jackets, trousers, shirts and so on, but our products are not ordinary clothing, we produce clothing and fabrics with protective functions. Each of our products has different styles, colors and functions, and you can choose a suit that suits you. Our testing room has a variety of advanced equipment, we test our products according to the standards of each country, when we fully meet the standards before we will be put into production, so our product quality is very guaranteed. Most workwear are made of cotton or polyester ,which are no-flame-retardant clothing. So it is easy to catch fire and burn and cause serious injury or even life-threatening. But the choice of flame-retardant uniform can help to prevent this danger. After testing, our fire-retardant suit are made of permanent flame retardant effect and flame retardant protection effect is very ideal, especially suitable for petrochemical industry staff. In addition, the fire-retardant suit also has heat insulation function, can prevent heat from entering, and can prevent rupture without harming the skin. If you wear our protective clothing at work, you cant’t worry about your safety and you will work happily.

For example, this workwear is made of 100% cotton and we have added special fireproof fabrics in it. This working suit is made of pure cotton fabric and the fabric is very soft, the weight of the fabric is very light and it is not easy to deform and become crepe. The cotton working suit is also very breathable, and it is easy to keep clothes dry.Meanwhile the fabric we used is 100% flame retardant fabric, it can effective resistance to open flames and heat sources. The shirt has two chest pocket with flap  and two side and front pockets on the legs. It also has 5cm FR reflective tape on the shoulders, cuffs and waist. The front door of the trousers is a metal zipper, with an I-button.

Our safety working suit are the true protector of the life and safety of industrial workers around the world, and this is our company philosophy.To guarantee production safety, Xinke Protective introduce advanced machines from Japan, and inspect&maintain those regularly equip by professional engineers. At the same time, we have a monitoring system, fire protection system in line with national requirements. And have formed daily operating requirements according to SA8000 standard. Furthermore, we often invite professional fire drill training instructions to train employees and hold regular training activity to strengthen employees’ safety awareness. ISO9001 system is not only the certification that we’ve earned but also the principle of our quality control system. Xinke Protective never provides any defective products to our customer.

If you want to buy flame retardant or electrostatic protective clothing, please contact with us immediately and we are look forward to cooperating with you!