High visibility protective mining uniforms with industry

Function: FR & Anti-static
Material: 100% cotton
Weight: 280gsm
Size: XS S M L XL XXL XXXL or custom
Logo: Screen printing/embroidery
Samples time: Within 7 days according to design requirements
Production time: 60 days after sample confirmed
Production month capacity: 30000-50000pcs
1. Feature:

(1).High fastnesses, soft touch, comfortable.
(2).Use import conductive fiber to be processing blended.
(3).After 100 times of washing is far more less than 7u c/m2.
(4).Excellent durability: strong durability, natural anti-static protection, long service life.
(5).Its fabric has passed EN ISO 11611, EN ISO 11612, IEC 61482-1-2 EN 1149-3 standards.

2. Details description:

(1).Access closed, double long zipper.
(2).There are two pockets on the chest, a flap, and a snap closure.
(3).Shoulder, cuffs, trousers have a 5cm wide flame retardant reflective tape.
(4).Waist contraction, the main part of the double stitches to ensure a solid.
(5).The front door of the trousers has a zipper, two side pockets and a back pocket.
3. Garment Factory:

Mining is a large industry that promotes China’s economic growth. However, during the construction process of mining projects, various hazards may occur, including gas explosions, spontaneous combustion, etc. Therefore, full consideration should be given to how safe production is. Firstly, it is necessary for mining workers to prepare a set of protective clothing, which not only has the function of flame retardant and anti-static, but also is comfortable to wear for the construction of mining workers. Secondly, it is during the construction process that unsafe factors must be constantly checked. If these unsafe factors exist, they must be promptly rectified. Here is a protective mining uniforms for your protection.

This protective mining uniforms is a combination of a jacket and a pair of pants, It was designed and manufactured by Seiko. It looks beautiful and comfortable. This protective mining uniforms uses the latest internationally-proven fabrics made from conductive fibers and is tested by authoritative organizations at home and abroad to ensure excellent anti-static effects. High speedness, soft touch, comfortable. The fabric has passed EN 11611, EN ISO 11612, IEC 61482-1-2 EN 1149-3 standards. After 100 times of washing is far more less than 7u c/m2. Anti-static protection, long service life. Can also be combined with customer requirements, composite waterproof, breathable, breathable and other features.

4. Application:

This protective mining uniform has two pockets on the chest, a flap cover, and a four-prong closure seal that allows workers to carry small measuring tools. Due to the relatively dark mining environment, designers have added 5cm wide flame-retardant reflective tapes on the shoulders, cuffs, and trousers when designing this protective mining uniforms, so it is also known as high visibility uniforms. This high visibility uniforms waist contraction, the main part of the double stitches to ensure a solid, zipper front door, two side pockets, rear pocket. This protective mining uniforms are widely used in petroleum, chemical, electronics, military, pharmaceutical, precision instruments, transportation and other industrial fields. Because static discharges can easily cause explosions and fires, flame retardant and anti-static clothing are the best ways to eliminate static electricity hazards.

Each batch of protective clothing produced by Xinke Protective is manufactured through strict inspection before leaving the factory. This blue wear work trousers is used for CAD template production, fabric inspection, and then cutting, computer automatic production line processing, and final product inspection. Ironing, product packaging. Every process of production has professional quality inspectors to check and control the whole production process of the work pants to ensure the quality of the clothes.

5. Inquiry:

Of course, you can also choose other styles or features of protective clothing, Xinke Protective has advanced detection equipment to ensure that the product meets your requirements, garment factory production of garments monthly output of more than 60,000 to ensure product delivery. Xinke Protective can also serve you Customize all kinds of styles of work clothes, if you need this service, please feel free to contact with us, we will provide you with the best service and the most suitable workwear for your workers.