High Visibility Safety Construction Workwear Suits

Fabric: Fluorescence: 85%polyester15%cotton 300gsm
Contrast: 65% polyester 35% cotton 280gsm
Jacket with fold in back,
two side pockets,
two chest pockets with zipper.
Reflex on sleeves, shoulder, chest and waist.
EN 20471 class 2.

Fluorescence: 85%polyester15%cotton 300gsm
Contrast: 65% polyester 35% cotton 280gsm
Cargo pants with hanging pockets,
Two back pockets.
thigh pocket on left with mobile pocket.
Knee pockets
Hammer holder on waist side
Fluorescent lower leg with reflex.
Why is High visibility workwear so popular? Do you know why? The reason is that this color not only keeps up with the trend, but also serves as a reminder. Road workers and construction workers, for example, mostly wear brightly colored workwear so that others can see them at first glance. This fluorescent colored workwear is a special garment that not only has bright colors, but also has the aid of reflective tape when necessary, making the user more visible to those around him. As an example, these high quality safety construction suits are made up of two parts, a jacket and pants, where the jacket is suitable for the road and construction industry. safety jacket. To facilitate the worker's movement, the jacket has a functional pleat on the back, two chest pockets with zippers and side pockets, and reflective tape on the chest, waist, arms, and shoulders for increased visibility. The pants are also color-coordinated and made of the same fabric as the jacket, with multiple pockets and knee pads at the knees to protect the workers from knee injuries. Choosing to use highly visible workwear is a convenient and effective way to protect employees and maintain workplace safety.
So how do you determine when an employee needs brightly colored workwear? Firstly, those who work in road construction and construction as I mentioned above need to use brightly colored work suits; secondly, those who work in the transportation industry such as railroads, using brightly colored work suits is a measure for them to avoid accidents, and finally if you are working in a dark working area, you have to choose highly visible work suits to protect your safety. A work suit is essential for workers. Fluorescent colored clothing and reflective strips work together to have a stronger effect on the visibility of the clothing.