Orange Forest Fireman Flame Fetardant Protective Suit




1. 5cm FR reflective tape
2. Two chest pocket with flap
3. Concealed heavy-duty two way brass zipper
4. Two side and back pocket

Orange forest fire fighters flame-retardant protective suits are made of Aramid IIIA, which is flame-retardant in its own right and permanently. The functional protective fire suit is made of this fabric and features high strength, tear resistance, abrasion resistance and high temperature resistance.Therefore, it is indispensable for forestry workers. It can help forest workers protect their health. The survey found that there are more than 200,000 forest fires in the world on average every year, and the area of ​​burned forests accounts for more than 1‰ of the total forest area in the world. Moreover, such disasters are uncontrollable, and forest fire prevention is an important part of disaster prevention and mitigation in the world. On the other hand, for forest firefighters, they must choose a comfortable and functional strong protective clothing, in their rescue can fully protect their lives and safety, for them to increase the rescue time, reduce the level of damage. The protective clothing made of this fabric also has the characteristic of washing resistance, it can still keep good flame retardancy after many times of washing, and has better dimensional stability and service.The orange fire suit, which comes in a bright color, also has a reflective strip that reflects the light to see where the crew is positioned. The Kevlar Weight is 200 GSM, which greatly reduces the burden on the wearer, and the fabric is soft and comfortable, to allow firefighters to focus their efforts on the rescue work, so as not to affect the speed of their rescue.

Protective fire suit has pockets that allow the wearer to place tools that are convenient to work with in special situations. Aramid fabric is suitable for special clothing, such as fire fighting clothing, flight clothing, and more suitable for the petrochemical industry, steel-making industry and other work clothes. Of course, Xinke not only has fire-fighting clothing, but also many other styles and functions of protective clothing, customers can be customized according to their own requirements. Xinke company will have new products to each market every year, professional technicians and advanced equipment for the company R & D and production of products to provide a great help. We have strict control over the quality of our products. Every product exported is of high quality.