Safety Welding Work Suit Uniform With Reflective Tapes

Fluorescence: 85%polyester15%cotton 300gsm
Contrast: 65%polyester35%cotton 300gsm
Mesh-lined jacket
two chest pockets
Zipper with flap and Velcro in front.
Reflex on waist, sleeves, and shoulders.
EN20471 class3

Fluorescence: 85%polyester15%cotton 300gsm
Contrast: 65%polyester35%cotton 300gsm
Pants with two side pockets, back pockets,
Thigh pocket left side with inside mobile pocket.
Reflex on legs.
EN20471 class2
Where do you currently work? What is your job description? What industry do you work in? A safe working environment requires three things: 1) safety measures to be in place; 2) your own safety awareness; 3) safety equipment (safety workwear uniform, safety shoes, safety helmets, and a range of other safety equipment that can reduce the level of danger). In any case, it is important to put safety in the first place. Only when you are safe can you do more work and contribute more to the industry you are in.
With over 20 years of experience in the flame retardant workwear industry, we can not only guarantee the quality of our products but also advise you on how to get the most out of them. Get the most out of the workwear you wear. The garment we would like to show you today is our popular Safety Welding Work Suit Uniform With Reflective Tapes, which is not flame-retardant but is breathable and hard-wearing, allowing you to stay in a comfortable position at work. Secondly, the abrasion resistance of workwear will allow the garment to last longer than normal workwear. When choosing to clothe we usually consider three aspects: price, quality, and functionality. First of all, let's talk about the price of this garment. We can give you a reasonable price, we are a factory and trade manufacturer, there is no middleman who can deliver the goods to you directly, there is no service charge, you can wholesale work clothes, in addition, we can also provide you with free design. Furthermore, the quality, our own testing room, we will carry out several tests before the work clothes leave the factory to ensure that there is no problem with the quality of the clothing. Finally, the function of this garment, it is not flame retardant or waterproof, but it has a simple design, abrasion resistance, and breathability more than ordinary work clothes.
The next step is to introduce this safety workwear uniform in detail. The jacket has a mesh lining to show off its breathability and a zipped chest pocket to carry things more securely. The reflective tape on the waist, arms, and shoulders will highlight your position in the dark. The trousers are fluorescent color blocking for extra brightness. We habitually carry tools when we work, so the trousers have been designed with this in mind, with two back pockets and leg pockets, a mobile phone pocket on the left leg side and a tool pocket on the right. To protect your knees, we have also designed knee pads at the knee of the trousers. The whole outfit is brightly colored with reflective tape for added safety.
We support OEM&ODM, and can also help you with style recommendations, provided you tell us what you want from your garment so that we can help you more fully. You can also let us know if you have any questions, and we look forward to working with you.