Customized Color Modacrylic Cotton Flame Resistant Fabric For FR Clothing


Xinke Protective is committed to producing multi-functional flame retardant fabrics, no matter what material and color you need, we can customize it for you. We now introduce to you our company’s Modacrylic cotton flame resistant fabric, which has a fluffy, soft and elastic texture. After washing 50-100 times, the color of the fabric is still new; the fabric itself has permanent flame resistance and excellent resistance. Static performance. Modacrylic fr fabric has many advantages: Modacrylics are easy to dye, especially Hi Vis yellow or orange according to EN 20471. Modacrylics are more comfortable to wear, can better maintain shape and form, and dry faster to prevent breeding mold. Modacrylic fr fabric is mainly used in the production of FR work Clothing, so it is very concerned about its safety. The fabric we produce has no harmful additives, environmental protection and safety, no droplets, non-toxic, and no odor when burning. Excellent tear resistance and good chemical resistance. These excellent qualities make this flame retardant fabric durable. These fabrics are widely used in racing suits, aviation, petrochemical and power industries. Denatured acrylics are synthetic copolymers similar to acrylic acid, except that they are inherently flame retardant. Modified acrylic is soft, strong, elastic and dimensionally stable. Modacrylic fr fabric therefore has good flame retardant and self-extinguishing properties. Modified acrylic acid is very similar to acrylic acid, but the modified acrylic acid itself has a lower melting point and higher chemical and fire resistance. Therefore, the flame retardancy of the modified acrylic fabric does not decrease with the passage of time and does not increase the number of washing cycles.


Modacrylic fr fabric are widely used in FR garments in industrial work environments. Modified acrylic is generally more expensive than FR cotton, CN or CVC fabrics, but it is still loved and accepted by many bosses. Its excellent comfort and washability are well received. favorite. Because the fabric is a raw material of flame retardant material, it has good permanent flame retardant performance, anti-arc performance, can effectively prevent metal shavings, prevent welding sparks, permanent antistatic performance, and modified acrylic fiber after fluorescent dyeing The fabric has high visibility and can be easily seen in the working environment, so there is a high degree of safety to ensure the safety of workers’ lives.In 2009, Xinke Protection established a protective clothing garment factory with more than 200 sewing workers, using 4 fully automatic assembly lines and more than 200 sets of equipment.The monthly output of finished products is 100,000 pieces. Xinke Protective uses world-class computer embroidery machines with stable performance and high precision. The fastest speed, quality and quantity perfectly display your company logo, which solves your clothing production time and cost to the greatest extent. Xinke Protective has municipal engineering& technology research center and professional production base.The factory occupies 20,000 square meters with employees 240. Xinke Protective found it’s R&D team and professional inner testing center in 2010. Till now, has got approval for 10 new type patent products, others 40 patents are during approving.Latest 10 years, Xinke Protective is concentrating on researching for textiles’ protective performance, products like flame retardant、anti-UV fabric、high light color fastness, insect repellent fabric、oil&waterproof fabric etc has gained great reputation Europe&American market.We have an American client who has been working with us for ten years.