Flame Resistant Arc Flash Workwear Protective Apparel Coveralls

The flame resistant arc flash coverall features:

Thread and Zipper made of Aramid IIIA brand fiber
Non-sparking covered snaps
One-piece action back with elastic waistband
NFPA 2112 certified for protection from flash fire hazards
Includes elastic waistband for comfortable wearing
Pockets: 2 chest, 1 tool pocket, 2 back, 2 hip, 2 front pass through with snaps




Your arc flash workwear coveralls can protect you from two main hazards: flash fire and arc flash. We need to know in detail what this is and how to prevent it? The most basic and important thing to know about AR and FR is that all arc resistant clothing is flame retardant, but not all flame resistant clothing is arc resistant. Flash fires are rapidly moving flame fronts. They can be caused by dispersed fuels such as dust, gas or vapors of combustible liquids. They are mainly produced in the oil and gas industry including exploration, drilling, field service and refining. Fire is a major hazard for FR prevention. NFPA2112 is the “universal” industry consensus standard for resolving flash fires. Once safety managers determine that there is a risk of flash fires, FR must be used. Choosing the right FR workwear coveralls garment for a safety plan should be based on a number of factors, such as protection, comfort, and durability. Arc flash is a powerful and dangerous event, and explosions produce extremely high temperatures, sound energy, and impact. When people approach an arc flash, they can cause severe burns or even death. Arc flash hazards affect all persons working in and around energized electrical equipment. As the employer, it is your responsibility to ensure that all employees affected by this hazard wear arc protective clothing.


No matter what kind of danger your flame retardant clothing needs to solve, no matter which work area you are in, you need to choose the right flame retardant work clothes. Appropriate flame retardant work clothes can add icing to your work. For a piece of clothing that is considered flame retardant, the fabric used to make it must be able to withstand fire and / or quickly self-extinguish to protect the wearer from flash fires. Arc flash, molten metal and other dangerous hazards. In the event of a danger, flame resistant coveralls must be able to resist fire, thereby protecting the wearer and the hazard to reduce the risk of serious injury or death from the fire. Clothing has certain limits of use, so since all clothing has an expected life, this commitment does not include damage due to normal wear, abuse, negligence, or apparent abuse. Therefore, when cleaning, please follow the requirements or uniform cleaning. It is best to use a neutral detergent. Do not mix with other clothes when washing. Use hand washing or washing machine soft washing procedures. Do not use bleach or organic solvents for decontamination. The success of any procedure depends on the correct selection, use, care and maintenance of your flame retardant procedures. For more information on how to choose the FR workwear coveralls that suit your needs and tips for implementing the FR clothing program, please contact xinke protective professional sales.