Men’s Safety Fire Retardant Work Coveralls

Size Range: 46-66
Composition: 99% Cotton 1% Antistatic satin
Weight: 350g/m2
Standard: Oekotex certificate
EN11611, EN11612, EN1149, IEC61482-1-2
Color: Orange, Red, Navy, Royal Blue
YKK zipper/ Brass button
50mm offshore FR reflective tape on shoulder & sleeves & legs
2 chest pockets with flap & 1 leg pocket with flap
2 chest pocket with flap & 2 hand pockets
Back pleat
Adjustable cuffs


Coveralls may feel hot in the summer,but for your own safety it’s safer to wear them. So which industries require people to wear coveralls? For some machining industries, because there are more machines in the workshop and the structure is complex, wearing general clothing may not be able to protect people’s safety, or even be hooked up by machines, so when workers in this industry choose safety clothing, they should put the coverall first, even though it will feel hot at a certain temperature. The main role of safety clothing are to protect people from foreign objects , so to play their greatest role . For the petrochemical industry and other industries , staff in their daily work , the need for the industry’s product production , transfer and disposal , and after finishing the waste , these people wear appropriate coveralls that effectively insulate them from harmful chemicals that can be touched on the skin. In these industries there are potential fire hazards, the proper choice of Fr workwear, they are functional in flame retardant. Flame retardant does not mean that it will not burn, it will burn, but after the isolation of the fire will be self-extinguishing, and will not continue to burn. The normal work clothes do not self-extinguish after burning, and it is even possible that the clothes in the work clothes are accompanied by burning, which is very dangerous to people, it may burn the human body. This is very bad for the staff.

Even if you’re not in any of the above industries, choose fire retardant coverall for jobs of industries such as power welding , which is more secure than your average jumpsuit. Men’s safety fired retardant work coveralls have anti-static properties in addition to being flamed retardant.General flamed retardant clothing will have anti-static characteristics. Because in dry weather clothes and the human body will have friction,in serious cases will produce sparks,sparks are also one of the important sources of fire. In short , no matter what the workplace to put their own safety in the first place , safety above all. Our industrial protective clothing has a variety of choices, buyers can choose according to their preferences and needs .