PPE High Visibility Flame Retardant Coveralls

Ingredients: 60%cotton39%polyester 1%anti-static 350gsm
Color : HV Yellow/Black
Standards: EN 20471 class3,EN ISO 11612, EN 1149-5,EN ISO 11611 class 1,IEC 61482-1-2
Characteristics: War Resistance, Flame Retardant

1.Coverall with folds in back.
2.Two chest pockets,
3.Two knee pockets,
4.Two thigh pocket,
5.Two back pockets.
6.Zipper with flap in front.
7.Reflex on sleeves, waist and legs.

Work Coverall provides comprehensive worker safety and provides worker protection. A uniform that suits you can make the most of it and provide better protection. A coverall is safer than a jacket and pants. Even if it’s inconvenient, safety is more important than anything else. Flame retardant overalls are one of the most widely used personal protective equipment. It can help workers in all walks of life who are in trouble because of fires. It’s not like your average smock. It burns rapidly when it catches fire, and it may even continue to burn away from the source of the fire, and even droplets may form, increasing the degree of combustion. Flame-retardant protective clothing fabric fibers are flame-retardant,even burning, after leaving the source of fire will also be self-extinguishing, and fabric will not continue to burn, giving people time to evacuate fire or fire. Take off your burning clothes. Reduce or avoid burns, and then achieve protection. Why choose work clothes over suits in fire and other industries? As fires are more common in the fire-fighting industry, wearing a smock to prevent them from being used to prevent Burns from entering the body from the waist is more serious. All body parts except the head, feet, and hands are fully protected when wearing a work shirt, and some other PPE products are given maximum protection to protect workers.

The PPE coverall is made of 60% cotton, 39% polyester and 1% anti-static fabric and weighs about 350 grams. It’s not lightweight but it’s very strong. Its back is a function fold design, that is, in order not to restrict the workers in the work of the design, to allow workers to freely display their actions, more efficient completion of their work. The jumpsuit comes with two chest pockets, two side pockets and two back pockets, each of which can be used for carrying tools. In order to protect workers’ knees, knee pads are specially designed on the pants of the jumpsuit. Knees are very important to people, but they are also very fragile. The color of the jumpsuit is fluorescent, so it’s high visibility coveralls, along with reflective bands on the upper arms, waist, and feet, which serve as a good warning and help locate workers, seeing the workers at the first sign of danger. All of our garments are strictly tested, so those interested in our products can contact us and we sincerely hope to serve you.